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Battlefield Internet: A Saga of the Year 2012

Dr Thies Lindenthal, a researcher in virtual real estate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, submits the following post to FT Alphaville.

The piecemeal roll out of new virtual space is unfair, risky and detrimental to the user-acceptance of new space on the internet.
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The price of land on the interweb

Are internet domains an asset class? If so, what is the risk-return profile like?

In an effort to answer these questions, MIT researcher Thies Lindenthal has taken the very important step of creating a price index for domain names. With an index, one can benchmark. More exciting though is that this index may (like PMIs, for example) serve as a leading indicator — for internet companies like Google, that is. Read more

TalkTalk(ing) non bid rumours

Shares in TalkTalk Telecom Group, Britain’s second-biggest broadband provider, are sharply higher on Thursday morning.

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The £160m FTSE 100 company

The highlight of the latest FTSE reshuffle?

The almost certain promotion to the FTSE 100 of an investment adviser that generated sales of just £160m last year. Read more