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War! Inflation! Bull markets!

Josh Brown, aka the Reformed Broker, is pleased to see his favourite of all the earth’s charts, updated by the Stock Trader’s Almanac.

Far be it from us to stand in the way of good chart, or the majestic sweep of history, but we’re going to admit to some confusion on this one (click to enlarge). Read more

Defending the Romans

It’s Christmas. A time of year intrinsically linked to baby Jesus, a manger, some ancient wise men, choirs of angels and what is mostly an unflattering representation of the Roman Empire.

Roman PR has been faltering on other fronts as well, as this segment demonstrates… Read more

On misunderstanding QE and UK inflation

Is QE money printing, or not? That is the question.

Is it hyperinfaltionary, or not? That is another question. Read more

At least you’re not in Belarus

Country asks for another IMF bailout, after screwing up the first one. There are few signs of spending coming under control. The neighbour which really holds the purse strings demands ever more privatisation.

. . . Not Greece. Read more

Further further reading

For the commute home, where the carry trade means helping your better half unload the car in exchange for first dibs on the remote,

– The FT visits Bernie MadoffRead more

Godzilla QE

Either Willem Buiter is setting out to shock, or he really is worried about Japanese deflation this time. Read more

Dylan Grice vs Emerging Markets

Société Générale strategist Dylan Grice is back on the Rudolf von Havenstein trail.

Grice first brought up von Havenstein back in March, noting the Prussian central banker’s penchant for monetising Germany’s debt during the First World War — leading to massive bouts of hyperinflation. Also of note, according to Grice, was von Havenstein’s striking resemblance to one Fed chairman, Ben Bernanke. Read more

Nikkei 63,000,000

And to think the market shorthand has always been Japan = deflation.

Trust Société Générale strategist Dylan Grice to think of the Japanese future a little, um, differently. From Friday’s Popular Delusions note: Read more

‘Some useful things I’ve learned about Germany’s hyperinflation’

That’s from Dylan Grice — über-bear Albert Edwards’ sidekick at Societe Generale.

He’s done a review of inflation during the Weimar Republic inflation in his latest `Popular Delusions’ note. Prussian central banker Rudolf von Havenstein developed a habit of monetising Germany’s debt during the First World War, eventually leading to massive bouts of hyperinflation: Read more

A Zimbabwe rally effect?

When is an equity rally actually symptomatic of an inflationary environment to come?

That would be when it happens in Zimbabwe. Read more

Hyperinflation is a possibility, say Morgan Stanley

That’s not in Zimbabwe by the way.

Morgan Stanley’s Jocahcim Fels and Spyros Andreopoulos look at the possibility of hyperinflation hitting the western shores of the UK, Europe and the US in their latest note. Their conclusion is a little scary (our emphasis). Read more