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If you tolerate this, more holdout lawsuits will be next

Well, this was fun while it lasted. Now what did it mean?

Click to enlarge the document capping a weird week in the pari passu saga:

It’s an order from the Second Circuit on Thursday, denying an unusual request filed on Monday by the Italian retail investors who count themselves among Argentina’s holdouts.

Although looking back at it, was the unusual or just ahead of the curve? Read more

Les holdouts misérables

As the pari passu saga in New York rattles towards its end… (or is it?)

The contest of wills and/or highly-paid lawyers between Elliott and Argentina goes on elsewhere, of course. Read more

Fragata Libertad, the movie

Take one warship rescued from asset seizure by bond holdouts.

Add swelling music, defiant rhetoric by President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, the national flag stirring in the Atlantic breeze, and messages home from crewmen who remained on board while the dispute played out in a Ghanaian port and Hamburg tribunal… Read more

Friends…don’t let friends leave the Republic of Argentina to litigate the sovereign debt trial of the century

Argentina files its latest brief against paying holdouts alongside its restructured debt today (Friday). That’s following this contretemps with Judge Griesa, and another difficult week for Argentine credit.

Whatever it says, you can be pretty sure it’ll have sharp words for Elliott Associates and the holdouts.

We’ll post when we get it. But first, why this – and other briefs that should be coming – matter so much… Read more