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Reservations as reserve assets

Reserve” is the new app that Silicon Valley — specifically Uber’s Garrett Camp and Foursquare’s Naveen Selvadurai — insists we will all be going mad about this year.

What is it? Another crypto-currency system? A payments ledger to rival the mighty Special Drawing Right? Perhaps it’s an app that allows you to re-serve your uneaten food?

You know… like a Grindr for leftovers? Read more

Rise of the Bond villains

– Our economy needs investors like Mr Zorin. California welcomes him with open arms.
– May I quote you on that, Mr Howe?
– Certainly. Is there anything else I can tell the Financial Times?

The dialogue is from A View to a Kill, in which James Bond — a la Roger Moore — poses as an FT reporter “James Stock” to figure out whether tech billionaire Max Zorin is simply a savvy microchip entrepreneur or a megalomaniac eugenicist with a plan to takeover the world.

The Bond cannon provides a few other characters who, as we’ll explain below, no longer seem quite so fantastically fictional. Read more

This is nuts. Where’s the taxi?

There have been protests. There has been legal risk. There has been disruption. And there have even been questions about whether breaking all the rules is really all that innovative.

But Uber, the taxi app formed by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick in 2009, is heading for a funding round anyway, and it’s doing so at a proposed market value of $10bn. (Note to FT Alphaville selves — we must really get round to launching that Shut App!* idea we’ve had.)

Is that sort of valuation justified? Who knows.  Read more