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Indian gurus want your market share

Patanjali Ayurved ” is disrupting India’s consumer space” according to my inbox.

Patanjali Ayurved is also an ayurvedic health foods and medicine brand that’s fronted by India’s Swami “Baba” Ramdev. He’s a yogi who says that he has no economic stake in what he also says is not a profit-oriented company.

From the FT last week:

Instead, he says, it is part of a mission to boost India’s economic self-reliance, akin to Mahatma Gandhi’s appeals for Indians to renounce foreign wares during the anti-colonial struggle.

“This is not a business,” the yoga guru says, as the heavily armed government commandos serving as his bodyguards look on.

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M&A is back (ish)

Can it be a merger Monday if the big deal leaked on Friday?

Either way, the second quarter deal making was already off to a fast start before the cement makers got involved, according to Goldman Sachs, and Europe is finally starting to join in the fun.

A week into 2Q, M&A announcements continued at a brisk pace (+21%y/y) while completions also saw gradual improvement (+7% y/y). While the year to date strength in M&A has been primarily driven by the US (+21% y/y), we have seen notable improvement in selected pockets of EU deal flow. Specifically, EU buyers’ appetite have seen sizable growth (+38% y/y), though more in favor of cross-border purchases (2x vs. 2013TD) relative to domestic consolidation (+27% y/y).

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God complex *alert*

A couple of years ago we had the privilege of attending a closed door session with a well known (former) spook/security type. We shan’t mention exactly who it was, but suffice to say the person in question seemed to know more about what’s what in the world of global security than anyone else doing the public speaking rounds these days.

It was a so-called “access event”, the sort where wealth managers pay organisers to connect them with those who know much more about what’s going on than they do.

The spook in question made clear that he could only comment in a private capacity and in very general terms, but he was nevertheless open to questions. Read more

Ad maiorem IFRS gloriam

It does not lend money (except rarely), it does not issue or underwrite securities, it does not serve business customers. It does have two sovereigns as customers, but they are regularly confused as one sovereign.

It would like you to know that it does not have any anonymous accounts.

Guess the bank — which has just filed its first ever annual report (for 2012): Read more

Ex Frackedra

This is painfully ambiguous parsing of doctrine. Still, it is the Church of England.

We think this statement is the Church moving a bit closer to supporting fracking in Britain (as Cuadrilla scales back drilling in leafy Balcombe)… Read more

Smoke, stats, and sashaying away

Statistical modelling. It goes everywhere.

The Monkey Cage points us to this 2004 paper on strategic voting in papal elections (there was still no sign of white smoke at pixel time on Wednesday): Read more

Angels and debtors

Sovereign deficit du jour (all figures in euros unless stated otherwise):

The consolidated financial statements of the Holy See for 2011 closed with a deficit of 14,890,034. The most significant items of expenditure were those relative to personnel (who as of 31 December 2011 numbered 2,832) and to the communications media considered as a whole. The result was affected by the negative trend of global financial markets, which made it impossible to achieve the goals laid down in the budget.

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And on the eighth day He created a supranational institution with universal competence

From our Lord and Saviour, via his earthly representative and the New York Times:

The Vatican called on Monday for an overhaul of the world’s financial systems, and once again proposed the establishment of a supranational authority to oversee the global economy, saying it was needed to bring more democratic and ethical principles to a marketplace run amok.

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Thy god is a capricious god


Sadly the Greek government is effectively the only one left thinking the bailout and light bond haircut are still set in stone…

Let us pay


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Is God a fan of austerity?

Erm, OK, not God. Not even the Pope — although an editorial in L’Osservatore Romano by the Pope’s banker comes close:

During a prolonged crisis, inheritance taxes, new forms of taxation or similar alternatives reduce or wipe out resources for investments, discouraging the trust of investors, penalizing the cost of the public debt and the possibilities of its renewal at its expiration. In this context, imposing taxes on property and on income is equivalent to a suicidal anti-subsidiarity of the state to the citizen. Those who legally possess assets, on which they have paid the proper taxes, have contributed to creating wealth and, thanks precisely to these assets, continue to produce them with investments and consumption. Read more

Holy rollers

Are you a Christian? Have you had enough of all this ‘evil’ finance fuss? Do you want to go good?

Meet the Stoxx Europe Christian index. Read more

Vatican-backed ethical index launches

Europe’s first Christian equity index was launched on Monday in response to increasing demand by investors for so-called ethical stocks in the wake of the financial crisis, the FT says. The Stoxx Europe Christian Index comprises 533 European companies that only derive revenues from sources approved “according to the values and principles of the Christian religion”.

JP Morgan, I put a spell on you

There’s nothing like hard times to bring out the bank-bashing craziness. And JP Morgan is no stranger to recession-induced weirdness. For instance, in 1933, in the midst of the Great Depression, John Pierpont Morgan had a midget sit on his lap during the Pecora Commission — a series of hearings delving into the causes of the Wall Street Crash. Now, though, it’s been subject to a ‘holy hex’, says FT Alphaville. Read more

Citi’s Christmas Credit Carols

‘Tis the season for festive levity from analysts.

And fittingly on Friday, while snow drifts gently down in London, and FT Alphaville prepares for its Xmas AVent party, Citi’s annual Christmas carols have just landed in our inbox. Read more

Goldman Sachs abandons kittens (really)

A fresh PR disaster for Goldman Sachs.

The investment bank stands accused of abandoning kittens. Really. Read more

Varley’s inferno

The quest for spiritual salvation seems very much on the mind of global banking executives of late.

Bloomberg reports Barclays CEO John Varley is the latest to try and convince god-fearing folk the world over that his industry’s moral code and primary raison d’etre are all good in the eyes of the Lord.  Namely, that “profit is not satanic” and that it’s okay to be a banker (whatever Jesus might have done to the money lenders in the temple). Read more

Holy See names new CEO

No, we’re not talking about the Pope; Benedict XVI is no fan of capitalism, in any event.

But not everyone in the Vatican City would bewail the futility of money and ambition, as the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday: Read more

‘The Fed is pursuing an immoral course’

Or, the ethics of quantitative easing.

George Bragues, business professor at the University of Guelph-Humber, is taking central banks to task for immoral monetary policy in an academic paper. Read more

A homely parade in the currency ‘ugly’ contest

After the “flight to safety” panic of last year which saw investors flocking to government bonds among a dwindling choice of “save haven” investments, the mood appears to be turning nearly 180 degrees against government debt – as seen in the FT’s latest survey of leading asset managers and strategists, reported Tuesday.

Along with the steady thaw in credit markets and some new resilience in equity markets, there are many signs of a financial system heading out of intensive care, as Gavekal, the Hong Kong-based research and asset management group, notes in a client newsletter on Tuesday. All of which reinforces Gavekal’s view that “government bonds today are in fact the most dangerous asset class out there”. Read more

How to prevent bank failures, the social way

Not just more regulation but more social equality and responsibility, apparently.

That’s the opinion of Lorenzo Bini Smaghi, a member of the executive board of the ECB. He gave an interesting speech (even more interesting because it manages to have footnotes) to the Unione Cristiana Imprenditori e Dirigenti – the Christian union of business entrepreneurs, on Monday. Read more

Existential Libor

McFear in action.

From Bloomberg News (HT FJ): Read more

Repent, ye fiscal sinner

If you’re not praying already, you might want to consider starting sometime around now.

From Yahoo News (HT Dead Ringa): Read more

What would Jesus short?

Or perhaps more appropriately: Money lenders in the temple?

From PA: Read more

God, spivs and specs

Of course someone had to bring God into this at some point. And how. Britain’s archbishops are condemning spivs and speculators for “worshipping the false god of money” and urging a further crackdown on financial markets, while the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has gone a step further to say Karl Marx was “right” to condemn capitalism.

Meanwhile Dr John Sentamu, Archbishop of York, told the Worshipful Company of International Bankers: “Those who made £190million deliberately underselling the shares of HBOS, in spite of its very strong capital base, and drove it into the bosom of Lloyds TSB, are clearly bank robbers and asset strippers. Read more

Northern Rock’s new hope – God

Forget HM Treasury. Northern Rock’s deposits could be guaranteed from the top. The very top.

Northern Rock has been approached with a bid offer from a group of Spanish banks, according to reports from Spanish daily newspaper El Mundo. The group of banks is headed by Spanish entrepreneur Jose Maria Ruiz-Mateos, who approached Northern Rock CEO Adam Applegarth on Friday: Read more