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Glass-Steagall, reanimated


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Regulations… and optimism

For this, our final post covering FT Alphaville’s meeting with Yves Smith of Naked Capitalism, we asked her about the regulations that have arisen from the ashes of the financial crisis. Not wanting to leave the series on a depressing note, we (gently) prodded Ms Smith to also share with us something to be optimistic about.

AV: What do you think some of the biggest pitfalls/missteps have been since the crisis in terms of regulation? Read more

The IBC’s six degrees of (banking) separation

The future of the British banking sector, might just be right here

On Friday we get the trailed publication of the UK Independent Commission on Banking’s so-called ‘Issues Paper’ and call for evidence. It’s 68 pages of rip-roaring industry stuff, but we’ve picked out the more interesting “reform options” for you below. Read more

The Dodd-Frank bill, Titles I thru XVI

What joy! The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act has been published in full and FT Alphaville has a copy. It’s only about 2,300 pages across 1,600 or so sections, but if you are pressed for time see this 10 page summary. Alternatively, see this FT analysis on why the Dodd-Frank bill is no Glass-Steagall.

The background to the Volcker rule

Because background briefings for the media are fun, and interesting, and something that the public don’t often get to see, here’s the transcript of the press rundown for the Volcker rule unveiled last week.

Things to watch out for — “senior administration officials” dodging any outright mention of Goldman Sachs, and the explicit statement that this is about “constraining future growth” of the financial sector. Read more

The bank problem in a single chart

In the wake of Obama’s dramatic financial reform proposals, released last week and aimed at breaking up the biggest banks, Deutsche Bank strategist Jim Reid is reprinting an updated version of one of his most controversial charts:

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The Volcker rule, the impact on IDBs (part III)

And completing our mini series of analyst reaction — some commentary on what Glass-Steagall III means for inter-dealer brokers.

To begin with here’s Philip Middleton of BofA Merrill Lynch on Icap: Read more

The Volcker rule, the European analysts react (part II)

Next up on our compendium of analyst reaction — some commentary from the European analysts.

And, as with the US banks, it’s notable that opinion is also rather divided about the potential impacts of Obama’s financial reform proposals on European banks. Read more

The Volcker rule, the US analysts react (part I)

And how.

We’ve got a range of analyst opinion for you on Friday morning, in reaction to President Barack Obama’s sweeping proposals to reform Wall Street. Opinion is still rather divided however. Read more

FT Alphaville does the Glass-Steagall Sequel

FT Alphaville is holding a special Markets Live session in light of Obama’s proposals.

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The man with Obama’s ear

The mighty Paul Volcker, of course.

Wall Street was in a spin on Thursday as everyone awaited firm details on the Obama administration’s move to ban proprietary trading by deposit-taking institutions — an action that has inevitably been dubbed the Glass-Steagall sequel. Read more

Whither Goldman’s prop desk

Remember when Goldman Sachs changed its legal status to a Bank Holding Company in September 2008?

The investment bank of investment banks was no longer, as it converted its official categorisation to BHC, in order to gain access to the Federal Reserve’s liquidity and funding facilities. Read more

Glass-Steagall II?


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