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What’s old is new again, fintech news edition

Found scattered around a London-based fintech incubator set-up this week:

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The FT newsroom — braced

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Well, how to headline this one…


As reported by Bloomberg on Tuesday. More as we get it. Read more

Please give generously – The FT’s Christmas appeal

Do you dream of discussing wine with Jancis Robinson, the FT’s wine correspondent, over lunch? Would you like a personal briefing on the global economic crisis over a meal with Martin Wolf, our chief economic commentator? Or how about lunch in New York with Gillian Tett, our US managing editor and columnist? Or what about a spot of luncheon with this man at Le Gavroche?

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Breaking: Europe is saved! Actually, wait…

Well, you’ve heard of the FT effect, what about the Guardian effect?

“Breaking” on Tuesday afternoon New York time, reports of a €2,000bn deal between Germany and France to augment the EFSF, save the euro, and bring everlasting peace to the continent so that Immanuel Kant may rest happily in the grave (okay, maybe not the last one): Read more

Is there such a thing as the “FT effect”?

“So, what do you do?”

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Pearson beats profit guidance with 28% rise

Earnings per shares at Pearson, the education and publishing group and owner of the Financial Times, beat analysts’ expectations and the company’s own guidance on Monday when it announced a 9 per cent increase in its dividend. The FT reports that adjusted for currency fluctuations, divestment and acquisitions, full-year revenues grew 5 per cent to £5.66bn with pre-tax profits up to £670m, a 28 per cent increase. Adjusted earnings per share were 77.5p, ahead of the 76p indicated by Pearson last month. The dividend rises to 38.7p (35.5p), the biggest increase in a decade. Pearson said in a statement it was expecting growth in sales, profit margin and EPS in 2011, but did not give a figure. Dame Marjorie Scardino, chief executive, said: “These numbers add up to another excellent year for Pearson.

Markets Live: Special edition

Save the date.

On Monday, February 28, Robin Freestone, the chief financial officer of our parent company Pearson, will be appearing on Markets LiveRead more

Invitation to Tea@theFT

A once in a life time offer. Unlikely to be repeated.

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Pearson poised for $2bn gain from IDC sale

Pearson said on Tuesday it would gain about $2bn before corporation tax from the agreed sale of Interactive Data Corporation to US private equity investors Silver Lake and Warburg Pincus, the FT reports. Pearson owns 61 per cent of IDC shares and the total sale price announced on Tuesday of $3.4bn (£2.24bn) was 10 per cent higher than had recently been speculated.  The deal is one of the largest private equity transactions since a semblance of calm returned to debt markets. Pearson is also the owner of the Financial Times.

Bird and Fortune in the FT boardroom

US readers may not be familiar with the brilliantly satirical comedy of the Johns Bird and Fortune, but those based in the UK will know them from Channel Four.

The Two Johns and their co-conspirator Rory Bremner have skewered a range of topics, including Washington diplomats and the war in Iraq.  Most recently, they took on the subprime crisis and provided a guide to understanding the financial crisisRead more

In memoriam – Sam Jones, an FT Alphaville competition

Our colleague Sam Jones is leaving us to take up the glamorous role of FT hedge fund correspondent.

We’re honouring him with a competition. Rules below. Read more

Lex: UK housing

Set aside the nonsense about the return of gazumping. Ignore the men and women driving green minis telling homebuyers they’ll have to move fast to snap up the bargain that’s languished unsold since last summer. As far as “signs of stabilisation” go, this is pretty unconvincing. The balance of surveyors reporting house prices drooping further rather than zooming off again is indeed falling, but the proportion is still fairly spectacular.

Dig into the numbers of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors’s May housing market survey and it is clear that most valuers remain congenitally gloomy. Read more

727 Cassandras of financial journalism

The Columbia Journalism Review has published a whopping 727-story-strong list of “the best articles” foreshadowing the financial crisis.

The list covers stories written between 2000 and 2007 and published by organisations including the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and yes, the FT. Read more