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An unexpected LTRO reaction?

That wasn’t quite our last pre-LTRO/Ltro/L-Troh  post.

On Tuesday Marc Chandler, global head of currency strategy at Brown Brothers Harriman, ventured an interesting hypothesis on what the market’s response might be to the LTRO-II take-up, in relation to the consensus expectations of roughly €500bn. Read more

The ‘No More Lehmans’ rally (and a mad EIB idea)

Another day, and another plan to save the eurozone.

Via CNBCRead more

Glencore’s EIB problem

What a curious statement from the European Investment Bank (a placid institution usually) on Wednesday.

It starts off reading like a defence of a $50m loan to Mopani Copper Mines (a Glencore subsidiary based in Zambia) which dates back to 2005, despite strong criticism of the project’s environmental effects. Read more