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The case for more capital

Back when the Basel III regulations were being debated in the wake of the crisis, it was common to hear dire warnings that rules limiting how much banks can borrow would constrict lending and lower real output. Even some who ostensibly support higher equity capital requirements think there are “trade-offs” between a safer financial system and economic growth.

New research from Leonardo Gambacorta and Hyun Song Shin of the Bank for International Settlements suggests this thinking is backwards: “both the macro objective of unlocking bank lending and the supervisory objective of sound banks are better served when bank equity is high.” Read more

The long road to Eurozone bank deleveraging

RBS’ analysts have revisited predictions made in 2011 that eurozone banks would have to shed €5.1tn of assets.

The good news is they have managed to get through almost half of that, or €2.9tn, since May 2012. The bad news being there remains another €3.2tn to go, including €661bn from the biggest banks — of which Deutsche Bank, Credit Agricole and Barclays need the most capital, followed by Societe Generale and Commerzbank. Read more

European bank deleveraging: Basel III edition

What happened with all that European bank deleveraging?

Some of it is over with, says Barclays — leaving, by our estimates of their estimates, about €650bn* of deleveraging yet to be carried out among the major European banks they cover**. Quite big, but much less than the €1.5tn – €2.5tn being discussed late last year. Read more

Sweet deals in European bank deleveraging

What links Hershey to the eurozone debt crisis? Well, aside from making a product that cracks under pressure, the confectioner has recently renewed a syndicated lending deal that Nomura’s analysts say augurs further European bank deleveraging.

Although European banks can now post lower rated collateral to access ECB funds, continuing funding pressures, EBA requirements and Basel regulations will ensure further sell-offs. We’ll know more later on Thursday, when EBA stress test results are disclosed. Thus far, European banks have announced around €1,200bn worth of planned sales and run-offs, as this chart from Nomura depicts: Read more

When the deleveraging meets the real economy

Looking forward to the new year yet?

After a likely outright contraction in GDP in 2012, in the creditless recovery that we envisage the pick-up in GDP growth is likely to be slow and shallow.

 Read more

It’s a capital ratio of two halves

Or, how crunchy a credit crunch from European banks might we get?

We know European banks have until the end of June 2012 to get their core capital ratios up to 9 per cent. The European Banking Authority is going to detail individual bank targets on Friday, Reuters reportsRead more

Here comes the (cross-border) bank deleveraging

In our history lesson after the eurozone summit ended, we cited the European Banking Authority’s Q&A on its requirement that banks raise €106bn as part of the bank recapitalisation plan.

The language was tough and tried to ease concerns that banks would excessively deleverage to meet capital requirements. But it was also (necessarily) vague, and there were no details on the extent to which the banks would be permitted to shed risk-weighted assets as they go about meeting those requirements. Read more