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The Netherlands adds ‘slow-motion bank wrecks’ to list of things it’s known for, right after ‘clogs’ and ‘windmills’

Raise your hand if you didn’t first hear about the way in which the Dutch government took over ailing SNS Reaal on February 1st and think ‘oh, really now?’ along with an arched eyebrow.

The mechanics of the takeover are interesting indeed, but given that two of the four largest Dutch banks have been nationalised, we have a bigger picture question:

How much warning was there that SNS Reaal was on the brink? Read more

Covert transfers and the SMP

We are indebted to Marc Ostwald of Monument Securities for this:

AMSTERDAM, Dec 20 (Reuters) – The Dutch central bank cancelled its interim dividend, thereby increasing the government’s budget deficit, saying it may make a loss in 2011 due to the European Central Bank’s bond buying programme, the Dutch Finance Minister said on Tuesday. Read more

Dutch bank warns ABN Amro consortium of risks

The Dutch Central Bank has waded further into the ABN Amro takeover arena with a warning that a break up as envisaged by a consortium of European banks was a risky enterprise, writes Ian Bickerton on Indeed, such a move would “increase risks and complications”.

Central bank governor Nout Wellink was slapped down recently for crypto-protectionist words aimed at the Children’s Investment Fund, whose attempt to have ABN broken up he described as a “bridge too far”. He later told the FT that he would leave the way clear for a break up if the argument in favour was solid. Read more