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AO here we go, either a little too high or a little too low

The UK online white goods retail sensation,, is the latest hot stock market floatation. Early trading puts its valuation in the region of £1.6bn, so we thought we better try and work out what exactly it does. After all, no one would pay six times sales for a washing machine shop, would they?

From the about us section:

We operate a sleek and well-refined process via our three strands. With over 4.5 million customers, we live and breathe excellence from the very first phone call, to the moment we power up a customer’s brand new appliance in their own home.

Not delivering your brand new appliance to someone else’s home is a start, we guess. But about those strands, the notice of intention to float provides a bit more clarity:

In 2012, AO had a 24 per cent share of the online market for major domestic appliances in the United Kingdom, of which 19 per cent represented AO website sales, and 5 per cent represented third-party branded website sales according to the OC&C Report.

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What to do with the PPI pay-out

Did you know? 0.4 per cent of British consumer spending could be coming from the banks this year.

To figure out why, all you have to do is look at the recently announced pay-outs on the Payment Protection Insurance sold by UK banks. As much as £6-9bn could be winding its way to the pockets of British consumers. Though, as UBS notes, the amount is likely to be somewhat smaller. Read more

Fresh woe from Britain’s high street

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the UK retail sector…

… along comes another shocking trading statement. Read more

Elkjøp – the new name for Dixons

Following its recent profits warning we mused on whether Dixons Retail should consider another re-branding.

One idea was to take on the name of its profitable Scandinavian operation, ElkjøpRead more