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The inside is getting out

Some board members are not the best judge of value when it comes to their own stock, but overall you might expect buying by insiders to be a good sign. That theory has prompted Citi to take a look at purchases by directors, as they try to work out whether stock markets are overvalued.

More on the details below but to cut to the conclusion, the data is inconclusive for the UK, while European boardrooms do not appear to be flush with confidence. Read more

Confirmation of what Blinkx does

January 8

The Company also announces that on 7 January 2014 Mr. Mukherjee, notified the Company that in order to cover certain tax liabilities, on 7 January 2014 he exercised share options over 200,000 ordinary shares consisting of 120,000 ordinary shares at an exercise price of £0.4925 per share and 80,000 ordinary shares at an exercise price of £0.39 per share and subsequently sold these shares, together with 30,472 ordinary shares that vested (as announced on 6th January 2014) as part of the restricted stock units grant to him under the US Share Plan for Senior Executives, at an average of £2.16218 per share.

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