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Taking the Billiton out of BHP (and UK shareholders) – Part II

We have no idea if Andrew Mackenzie, the Scottish-born chief executive of BHP Billiton, is favour of independence.

But UK shareholders will certainly get the rough end of the pineapple if the FTSE 100 mining giant goes ahead with its proposed demerger of non core assets, announced on Tuesday: Read more

Taking the Billiton out of BHP

Nothing has been decided yet, but it looks increasingly like BHP Billiton is going to spin off its unwanted smaller assets in a new company — effectively undoing another dud mining industry deal what’s left of its 2001 merger with South Africa’s Billiton.

But lots of questions remain unanswered. Two stand out in particular: What does this mean for a share buyback and what will PLC shareholders get out of it? (Remember BHP is a dual-listed company with Ltd shares in Australia and PLC shares in the UK). Read more