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Sharks off the British coast again?

The summer silly season is nearly upon us, so what chance a reprise of this Daily Mail classic?

From November 2009 when Britain’s tabloids met contango with predictable consequences: Read more

The mechanics of a water pump

Well, that was silly.

United Utilities share price chart Read more

Schwarzman: some of my best friends are old people

The front page splash in Thursday’s Daily Mail has certainly struck a nerve at private equity group Blackstone.

It’s just fired off the following statement: Read more


If you register with Britain’s Financial Services Authority, you must be in the process of setting up an investment bank or something, right? And if you are doing that, then it must be for doing dodgy deals for squillionaires, who are probably foreigners as well.

That, surely, is the takeaway from the Sunday Times’ “exclusive” this weekend, noting that the FSA registration of a vehicle linked to Tony Blair Associates offered the former British prime minister the chance to offer investment services to institutions and individuals. Read more

Snap news

Breaking pre-market news on Wednesday,

– BHP Billiton underlying EBITDA falls 22 per cent to $10.8bn – statementRead more

Daily Mail tanker outrage! (Day 2)

It’s day two of the Daily Mail’s campaign against tankers parked off the British coast. In case you missed “how the Daily Mail broke the story yesterday” you might care to check out FT Alphaville’s coverage here.

The post attracted a healthy level of discourse, including the following analogy — which we like so much we mocked up graphically for readers’ pleasure  (H/T  Skwosh): Read more

The Daily Mail discovers contango

We love talking about contango on FT Alphaville.

But no one, it turns out, can turn a nerdy market-structure story about the shape of the futures curve into an alarmist `evil speculator’ rant extraordinaire quite like the Daily MailRead more


That’s the thrust of Wednesday’s Daily Mail story:

Newly minted Bank of England cash is going abroad

 Read more

Daily Mail – junk

Not our opinion, naturally.

LONDON (Standard & Poor’s) April 23, 2009–Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services  said today that it lowered to ‘BB+’ from ‘BBB-‘ its long-term corporate credit  rating on U.K.-based newspaper and media group Daily Mail & General Trust PLC  (DMGT). In addition, the short-term rating on DMGT was lowered to ‘B’ from  ‘A-3’. Read more