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Buckets of cov-lite

The CLO kind of got off lightly in Fed governor Jeremy Stein’s “Overheating in credit markets” speech.

Makes sense, given what Stein was mostly talking about — places in the market where the yield chase could be relying on assets that in turn rely on short-term funding. In other words, leverage that turns “overheating” into a supernova. Read more

And the high-yield boom continues…

It’s the clash of the high-yield press releases this Wednesday.

Here’s Standard & Poor’s, with a new high-yield report published at 9.55am London time: Read more

The reemergence of cov-lite loans

FT Alphaville noted last week that Citi analysts were predicting a return to the heady pre-crisis levels of leveraged buy-outs.

But, they argued, this time is kind of different: there will be fewer “mega-deals” (>$7bn) and the CLO business will be “a shadow of its former self.” Read more