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How to troll CFA candidates and other acronym hunters

From where does a CFA charterholder, or other professional acronym-holder, derive joy? Is it from earning and logging Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours? No. No, it is not.

Is it from getting their shiny acronym printed on new business cards? Maybe a bit.

Most of the joy is in fact seasonal. It reaches a peak around this time of year as current charterholders observe CFA candidates driven mad by apprehension at this Saturday’s impending doom exam and think: ‘damn I’m glad that isn’t me anymore. That totally sucked!’ Read more

Nobody could have predicted…

At the end of 2013, the CFA Institute surveyed its members on a range of topics, including the asset classes they thought would do best in 2014. The year isn’t over, but we thought it would be fun to update you on the status of those predictions.

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CFA Institute forced to answer own tricky ethics question

With tens of thousands of CFA candidates hoping that you’d forget they sat an exam on Saturday, this WSJ headline from Tuesday could not have been written at a worse time:

Oh dear. Read more

It’s that time of year again: the sun is shining and thousands of CFA candidates are stuck inside

With less than a month to go, several of this blogger’s mental faculties seem to have gone offline. In the space that previously housed “fear of public failure,” new tenants have arrived in the form of after-tax return equations, biases that impact investment decisions, and a multitude of currency hedging strategies.

Ego defenses down, FT Alphaville would like to draw your attention to a brilliant post by the people at the 300 hours. It’s entitled “Sh*t People Say (to CFA candidates)”. Tl;dr version available to the right.

Drumroll… Read more

Investors cool on audit convergence

Convergence of US and international accounting standards is less important than making accounting rules more relevant, an investor poll has found. A survey by CFA Institute, a group of more than 16,000 investment professionals, found that three quarters of respondents believe that improving standards to facilitate investment decisions is “at least as important if not more important” than reducing complexity or convergence. Only 6% of respondents said that converging the International Accounting Standards Board and its US rival should be the key objective.

Who loves hedgies?

Not everyone, clearly.

In fact, the reputation of the alpha-seeking brigade continues to deteriorate, according to the 2009 Financial Markets Integrity Index for the US, compiled by the CFA Institute. Read more