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Caption competition: Welcome to your dystopian present edition

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Caption competition, XiTV edition

This evening’s show is brought to you by…

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Fed up, caption competition

But, for a change, you’ll have to supply the image.

Retiring Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas President Richard Fisher supplies the caption:

Having proven themselves unable to cobble together with colleagues a working fiscal policy or to construct a regulatory regime that incentivizes rather than discourages investment and job creation — in other words, failed at their own job — they simply find it convenient to create a bogeyman out of an entity that does its job efficiently.

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Caption competition! A new direction

After six years in the red (the latest an £8.2bn loss for 2013) the only way is up and this bank is on it:

Today RBS is announcing a new plan with the ambition of building a bank that earns its customers’ trust by serving them better than any other bank.

And here is Ross McEwan rallying clearly delighted staff with that message.

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