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What is the relationship between inflation and investment?

Conventional wisdom says that businesses adjust their investment spending according to changes to the cost of capital. Intuitively, that makes sense: more projects become worthwhile as funding costs go down, while few make the cut when capital is expensive. (In reality, it turns out that interest rates, spreads, and volatility are all irrelevant for capex decisions, but let’s put that aside for now.)

If central bankers want to boost investment to encourage economic activity, conventional theory suggests they should lower interest rates. However, there is a limit to this process because you can’t lower rates below zero without imposing tyrannical controls. Hence the appeal of boosting inflation, which effectively reduces the real cost of capital (assuming risk premia don’t rise) by stealth even when interest rates have hit the floor. Read more

S&P 4,236…

We’ll see your bullish forecast, and we’ll raise you, Brian.

That’s Brian Belski, the BMO strategist who thinks that 10 per cent annual returns for the next decade are plausible for the US stock market. Read more

Spot the difference, Tesco edition

Here is the Tesco share price, which you might notice is getting into lost decade territory.

Here meanwhile are Wednesday’s results: Read more

A gentle tug on the purse strings

It may be something in the wind, but is it becoming acceptable for companies to spend again?

Exhibit A: Morgan Stanley politely suggests that, even though companies which actually increase investment in their business with capital expenditure have tended to trail the scrimpers, it might be time to look at the capital intensive types again. Read more

I can haz no capex

The economic recovery is still weird. Lets get away from the jobs question for a second, and look at capex, where companies are still not spending the cash they make, let alone their cash piles.

Consider this chart from Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou of JP Morgan that caught our eye this week: Read more

On diminishing capital intensity

An interesting debate is popping up regarding the topic of capital expenditure.

Take the latest from Societe Generale’s Andrew Lapthorne and team. They argued on Thursday that the commonly held belief that companies’ capital investing ratios have been falling, whilst hoarded cash pools have been going up, is inaccurate. Read more

Miner jelly beans

Our eyes are bleeding:

 Read more

Global resources spending soars

Global spending on mining, energy resources and commodities will surpass pre-crisis levels next year, according to an emerging industry consensus, indicating rising confidence in an economic recovery led by China and other fast-growing markets, reports the FT. The boom in capital expenditures, across oil, natural gas and agribusinesses, comes as prices jump for commodities such as copper, iron ore, crude oil and wheat. It also raises the prospect of short-term bottlenecks in the already stretched supply of equipment and services, and project delays as costs rise. Global mining expenditure is set to hit a record $115bn-$120bn next year, above the peak of $110bn set in 2008, according to a survey of industry executives and consultants.