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The (slightly less) Great Camp Alphaville Quiz

No, we haven’t forgotten about the rest of you.

The 2014 Great Alphaville Quiz was such a hit that we decided to team up with Marketcolor – a London-based news app and content marketing agency. They developed a spiffy new real-time multiplayer quiz for CampAV 2015.

By popular demand — we’ve put the app up online*. Read more

You asked for more Pozsar. We give you more Pozsar.

Credit Suisse’s Zoltan Pozsar’s slides from Camp Alphaville on The Global Financial Ecosystem 2000-2020: Evolution, Disruption, Calibration, and the paper upon which they are based, below.

Do click through this, in no way simple, chart for the former:

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Camp Alphaville bonus impromptu iPhone video: Lorcan v Lars on Greece and the euro

Should Greece want to leave the euro? Lorcan Roche Kelly and Lars Christensen debate a recent post over at Lars’s blog. A fun and vigorous debate but some possibly NSFW language:

Camp Alphaville videos: Zoltan Pozsar on the shadow banking system

Last one — a chat with Zoltan Pozsar (in front of the Faces of Alphaville shooting gallery) on the safety of the US financial system, global regulatory architecture, and the Fed’s reverse repo facility:

Camp Alphaville videos: Is GDP losing its relevance?

Cardiff Garcia chats with Diane Coyle, the head of the consultancy Enlightenment Economics about the diminishing relevance of GDP. They also touch on the risks of big data and the ethical issues surrounding it. Diane highlights what building strategies we should be adopting from the Victorians.

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Camp Alphaville videos: Around the world in five minutes

Cardiff Garcia and George Magnus take a tour of the world’s market from a marquee at Camp 2015 — covering why EMs need to get more growth from less input, why although China has a plan, there’s very little proof it has a good plan, why the difference between Greece today and Greece in 2012 is Spain and why the US story is less depressing than the rest. Read more

Camp Alphaville videos: The dark net’s reluctant kings

In which FT Alphaville’s Izabella Kaminska and Henry Farrell, political economy professor at George Washington university discuss the process by which anarchic markets self-organise into governmental structures… whether they like it or not. Read more

Camp Alphaville videos: Transhumanism

For those who couldn’t join the FT Alphaville team in the sweltering heat on Wednesday at Camp Alphaville, here’s a recap courtesy of the FT video team.

Cardiff Garcia starts by asking Zoltan Istvan — writer, futurist, philosopher and 2016 US presidential candidate for the Transhumanism party — what exactly is transhumanism all about? Read more

We’ve gone Camping…

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What to wear at Camp Alphaville

Well, you won’t need your wellies. Here’s the forecast for Wednesday…

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BREAKING: Last minute Greek emergency session at Camp Alphaville

We too can rip up our promised programme to respond to the evolving wants and desires of the Camp Alphaville polis.

As of pixel time, Wednesday’s “The Untouchables: The Saga of Weird Emerging Market Sovereign Bonds” debate becomes the “Last minute Greek emergency session” panel — to be moderated by our resident sovereign default expert Joseph Cotterill (who also doubles up as the FT’s private equity correspondent).

Joseph will be joined by:

  • Paul McNamara, Investment Director, Emerging Markets, GAM Holding AG
  • Gabriel Sterne, Head of Global Macro Research, Oxford Economics
  • Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal, Professor of Banking and Finance Law, Queen Mary University London

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What’s the true value of a vomiting camel?

Aesthetic delight, historical artefact or a top quality investment?

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Mystery short seller unmasked

Ok, only a mystery because we hadn’t announced it before, but Dan Yu of Gotham City Research will be joining us at Camp Alphaville next week to chat about his work, the business of digging into companies which are less than they seem, and the outlook for short selling more generally.

You can read some of his thoughts on the latter here, a response to our post on the need for more shorters, and the New York Times on the lonely life of the short seller, six years into a bull market.

We’ll be on the Alphaville couch at 4pm, so mark your agenda. Expect discussion of Dan’s latest target, Endurance International, as well as Plus500, Gowex, Hanergy, and Blinkx, along with everyone’s favourite technological conglomerised Aim market shambles. We may have some new ideas to talk about as well… Read more

Lord, won’t you buy me a core €-denominated Mercedes Benz

You may have thought this was just a car…

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Learn to trade China’s A-shares like a pro or your money back*

Want to avoid market whiplash being driven by a whiplash president and crack the price-to-whatever ratio?

Come join our China panel at Camp Alphaville to find out how to make money up Shibor Creek! Read more

Queen plays Berlin – offering an obvious caption comp…

Two fab, access-all-areas tickets to Camp Alphaville on Wednesday available to the winner here.

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Camp Alphaville ft. ‘Forever Young’

Do you want to live forever?

How about be Forever Young?

Because, apparently, according to Aubrey de Grey, gerontologist and co-founder of the California-based Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (Sens) Foundation, there’s now an 80 per cent chance of escaping old age and ill-health indefinitely for all of us alive today. Read more

Through London’s posh-door/poor-door keyhole

Selling flashy apartments in London is good business. As the FT’s Lex column reported last week, Berkeley Group, one of the most well known premium house builders, achieved a pre-tax return on equity of 29 per cent in its latest year-end results. Read more

Come along and throw the first stone

From: xxxxxx
Sent: Friday, 5 June 2015 16:01
To: Martin Wolf; Gillian Tett
Reply To: xxxxxx

Subject: Camp Alphaville

OMG! As the kids say. “Peace. Love. Higher Returns.” With the lead
speaker “Andrew Fastow, former CFO, Enron”!!! Higher returns through
fraud: great extension of the FT ‘s brand….

Dr. xxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx xxxxxx
University of Cambridge

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Wanna show us your artistic side?

At the up and coming Camp Alphaville festival (July 1, HAC, City of London, it should be in your diary), we’ll have one of these…

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Information for Camp Alphaville ticket holders only

Just a quick note.

There’s a pre-Camp dinner at the lovely Bleeding Heart restaurant on the evening of June 30.

Early purchasers of Camp Alphaville tickets have been offered places — on the understanding that the dinner is primarily aimed at those flying in to London for the event… Read more

What does Bilderberg have in common with Camp Alphaville?

What-used-to-be the world’s most secretive summer-retreat/talking shop, Bilderberg (less secret now they have a website) is convening in Austria over the next four days.

Promised topics include:

Artificial Intelligence
Chemical Weapons Threats
Current Economic Issues
European Strategy
Middle East
United Kingdom
US Elections

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The Great Camp Alphaville Quiz — call for entries

Think you are smart and know stuff? Do you have two or three friends or colleagues who are similarly gifted?

Prove it.

Enter our fab quiz at 6pm on July 1 at Camp Alphaville, under canvas on the grounds of the Honourable Artillery Company, London. Read more

The line-up for Camp Alphaville 2015

Yes, 80 speakers and panelists will be presenting at our annual finance festival in London on July 1. Click the image for full details.

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Calling all hoverboard manufacturers…

We have just a few spaces remaining for young fintech-focused firms wanting a bit of exhibition space at Camp Alphaville, our annual finance festival in London on July 1.

We’ve christened the exhibition Where’s my hoverboard?, not realising that some guy’s already raised $500,00 on Kickstarter to build a real one.

No matter, further details of the Alphaville hoverboard opportunity available here.  Read more


You’ll have July 1 in your diaries already. If not, book now. Places are limited.

The speaker list has now topped 60 first class names. Such as…

Mystery 2016 US presidential election candidate

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Camp Alphaville — a line-up teaser…

You should have the date in your diary already: Alphaville’s annual festival of finance, Camp Alphaville, July 1, Honourable Artillery Company, London EC1. But you’ll also want to know something about what’s promised on the day.

We’ll have about 60 speakers and panelists, spread across the main stage and a series of specialist ‘tents,’ so you can get up close and personal with those debating the ideas and issues.

Here’s just a taste of our eclectic line-up: Read more

Secret Camp Alphaville 2015 discount code

You’ll have to be quick to take advantage of this.

The early bird half price ticket offer for Alphaville’s annual finance festival in London (July 1 in the grounds of the HAC) expired on Sunday.

But an email extending the £99 offer to members of the Long Room went out late, on Monday, with this discount code… Read more

What is Camp Alphaville?

Ideas, like jokes, are found at the edge of things. They come with perspective, a moment to relax, or rubbing up against something new.

With Camp Alphaville the inspiration was the classic British music festival with an array of stages, activity and distractions. We want to give you hard choices, between listening to the rock stars on the main platform and the chance to talk to the heavy hitters in a side tent. You should be able to stumble on conversations about how restaurant economics really work or what happens to finance as the machines get smarter, and sample some of the latest technology first hand.

We also want it to be democratic, with strategists, academics, punters, robots and more rubbing shoulders. July 1 at the Royal Artillery Company grounds in London. Sign up here to soak it all in, there’s a sample of what we’ll be discussing below the fold. Read more

Camp Alphaville – Last chance for early birds

From Sunday, tickets to the UK’s premier tent based celebration of ideas, finance, robots and economics will be a still cheap £199.

In the meantime, the final few early bird tickets can be stolen for £99. Get them while they last.

Camp Alphaville 2015, at the Honourable Artillery Company on July 1, will be like last year only more so. Big thinkers, bigger igloos, more space, FinTech, finance, fun and possibly even some sun.

Not to mention scores of speakers and panelists, strategists, investors, academics, analysts, robots, drones, smartarses, dancers, corporate financiers, magicians, convicts… Read more