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The line-up for Camp Alphaville 2015

Yes, 80 speakers and panelists will be presenting at our annual finance festival in London on July 1. Click the image for full details.

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Calling all hoverboard manufacturers…

We have just a few spaces remaining for young fintech-focused firms wanting a bit of exhibition space at Camp Alphaville, our annual finance festival in London on July 1.

We’ve christened the exhibition Where’s my hoverboard?, not realising that some guy’s already raised $500,00 on Kickstarter to build a real one.

No matter, further details of the Alphaville hoverboard opportunity available here.  Read more


You’ll have July 1 in your diaries already. If not, book now. Places are limited.

The speaker list has now topped 60 first class names. Such as…

Mystery 2016 US presidential election candidate

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Camp Alphaville — a line-up teaser…

You should have the date in your diary already: Alphaville’s annual festival of finance, Camp Alphaville, July 1, Honourable Artillery Company, London EC1. But you’ll also want to know something about what’s promised on the day.

We’ll have about 60 speakers and panelists, spread across the main stage and a series of specialist ‘tents,’ so you can get up close and personal with those debating the ideas and issues.

Here’s just a taste of our eclectic line-up: Read more

Secret Camp Alphaville 2015 discount code

You’ll have to be quick to take advantage of this.

The early bird half price ticket offer for Alphaville’s annual finance festival in London (July 1 in the grounds of the HAC) expired on Sunday.

But an email extending the £99 offer to members of the Long Room went out late, on Monday, with this discount code… Read more

What is Camp Alphaville?

Ideas, like jokes, are found at the edge of things. They come with perspective, a moment to relax, or rubbing up against something new.

With Camp Alphaville the inspiration was the classic British music festival with an array of stages, activity and distractions. We want to give you hard choices, between listening to the rock stars on the main platform and the chance to talk to the heavy hitters in a side tent. You should be able to stumble on conversations about how restaurant economics really work or what happens to finance as the machines get smarter, and sample some of the latest technology first hand.

We also want it to be democratic, with strategists, academics, punters, robots and more rubbing shoulders. July 1 at the Royal Artillery Company grounds in London. Sign up here to soak it all in, there’s a sample of what we’ll be discussing below the fold. Read more

Camp Alphaville – Last chance for early birds

From Sunday, tickets to the UK’s premier tent based celebration of ideas, finance, robots and economics will be a still cheap £199.

In the meantime, the final few early bird tickets can be stolen for £99. Get them while they last.

Camp Alphaville 2015, at the Honourable Artillery Company on July 1, will be like last year only more so. Big thinkers, bigger igloos, more space, FinTech, finance, fun and possibly even some sun.

Not to mention scores of speakers and panelists, strategists, investors, academics, analysts, robots, drones, smartarses, dancers, corporate financiers, magicians, convicts… Read more

Want your own marquee at Camp Alphaville?

Serious opportunity this.

If you attended Camp Alphaville at the Honourable Artillery Company grounds last summer, you’ll know we had a lovely outside area with food vans, beer, frozen yoghurt, dancers, comedians and drones….

Well this year — on July 1, again at the HAC — we have lots more space. In fact we have up to half a cricket pitch of extra space. Read more

Camp Alphaville 2015 — URGENT

This is not just a save-the-date. It’s a save-the-date-and-grab-a-bargain.

Camp Alphaville at the Honourable Artillery Company, EC1 — July 1, 11 till 8.


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Camp on camera – I

Here’s a two-part round up of the videos produced at last week’s Camp Alphaville festival in London. We hope it was fun and informative for those attending. Next year we’ll fix the audio, have wifi that works and we might even introduce an evening dinner…


An introduction from Cardiff…

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Camp on camera – II

Izy talks cryptocurrencies and a future cashless society…

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Gone Camping

*Ding – ding – ding*
Good morning Alpha campers!

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The 6am London Cut

The Last Camp Alphaville Promo of 2014. The fun starts at 11am today. Pack cash.

The Cut is taking a short break for the rest of this week while we clear litter and (some of us) eat hotdogs. Read more

Camp AV: your nearly-final warning

Okay. So you already know that Camp Alphaville is on Wednesday, July 2. And you know we have Carson Block, George Magnus, Andy Haldane and loads of other serious people, some of whom are so astonishingly serious we’re not even allowed to name them. But it wouldn’t be an FT Alphaville gig if we didn’t bring along a few mavericks as well.

To that end:

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Camp AV quiz team alert

Ok, we’re almost at capacity. We have room for just one or two more teams of 4 or 5 to enter the end-of-day quiz at Camp Alphaville next Wednesday.

Medals are being specially minted for the winners. We’re due to pick these up on Monday from Hatton Garden. We’ve even secured lovely salmon pink ribbon. Read more

The Camp AV caption competition

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LIVE draw for Camp AV robots (updated with the winners!)

UPDATE: Here are the lucky four people who have won the chance to attend Camp Alphaville on July 2 via an Awabot telepresence robot:

Peter J from New York
Jamal M from Florida
James H from Scotland
Markets Live regular Fjp73


Now you have to do training. See the email we’ve send you for details. Read more


It’s startling. Click to enlarge.

Make sure you have tickets
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**The Great Camp Alphaville Robot LOTTERY!**

*Reminder and notification of an extended deadline!*

Based in New York but desperately want to hear Michael Pettis assess the future of China’s growth model? Read more

The Great Camp Alphaville Quiz, July 2 – a call for entries

Think you are smart and know stuff? Do you have two or three friends or colleagues who are similarly gifted?

Then enter our fab quiz on July 2 at Camp Alphaville, under canvas on the grounds of the Honourable Artillery Company, London. Read more

On the legalities of running a Markets Live session at Camp Alphaville…

Open question here.

You’ll have seen from the main stage rundown for Camp AV that myself and Bryce are planning to do our regular Markets Live session under canvas on July 2, at the Honourable Artillery Company grounds.

But answer this:

If we share some price-sensitive RAW information — and attendees at Camp AV are able to see (and maybe act on) this info before it is transmitted to the regular Markets Live Rabble — are those attendees on the right or wrong side of the market abuse regime? Read more

Camp Alphaville — The Main Stage Rundown*

July 2, HAC, London, 11-9

* Everything is subject to change. Stay tuned for Igloo sessions and more.

11am The Soft Open – Markets Live

FT Alphaville editor Paul Murphy and Stock Market Correspondent Bryce Elder will produce a version of their daily online markets chat live on stage. Fingers crossed the tech holds up Read more

Pregnant women past 1st trimester may not gaze

A possible addition to the Camp Alphaville line-up? Maybe. Maybe.

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Camp Alphaville

But we didn’t just want to book a ballroom. We have a literal big tent and know too many world class investors, strategists, bankers, bloggers and policy makers to limit it to just one stage. We’ll find room for many topics dear to our hearts, from tales of short sellers playing detective to dark inventory in China to the real deal on shale gas.

We’re also going to have some fun.Lucy Kellaway will be on stage to solve your problems, there are a couple of fascinating mystery speakers lined up, while the FT’s Andrew Hill will run our attempt at university challenge meets a pub quiz throughout the day. Get your teams entered nowRead more

Camp Alphaville — all the details

We’re throwing a conference. Expect serious ideas about China, robot disruption, and how markets have gone nuts. Some of the smartest people we know will tell us what is going to happen in the world, and what matters.

But we didn’t just want to book a ballroom. We have a literal big tent and know too many world class investors, strategists, bankers, bloggers and policy makers to limit it to just one stage. We’ll find room for many topics dear to our hearts, from tales of short sellers playing detective to dark inventory in China to the real deal on shale gas.

We’re also going to have some fun. Read more

Izzy’s travails

Do check out Ms Kaminska’s FT Weekend diary here.

Camp Alphaville details hereRead more

Yes, there’ll be robots

Avoid disappointment. Book now

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Peace. Love. Higher Returns

FT Alphaville presents….

HAC, London, July 2. 11am – 6pm. See you there  Read more