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Financial backer of wannabe terminal disrupter says terminals will be disrupted

Morgan Stanley is a backer of the bank-led chat project, Symphony, crafted to woo trader talk back to a channel the banks can control.

And here’s a Morgan Stanley built theory of the terminal business:

We view the evolution of the industry in three stages:

Phase 1 (now to 2018): High-Cost, Bundled Products Prevalent: Historically, the network effect has been a gating factor that led participants in the market data terminals industry to keep their existing high-cost terminals. Legacy terminals have comprehensive functionality, so customers only need to purchase one main product. Counterparties purchase the same product, so that business can transact through the terminals (i.e. through chat). Learning of specific shortcuts enhances stickiness. Changes to workflow is typically disruptive, which leads to high retention rates. Examples include Bloomberg and TRI’s Eikon product.

Some current products in the market contain full-functionality, but do not have the network effect (FDS, CapIQ). Customers requiring less frequent interaction with outside parties (i.e. trading) may choose to use these products. The cost of the products is often lower than the premium legacy products with network effects, but remains high given switching costs and bundling of the underlying products.

Phase 2 (2017 – 2019): Facilitating Escape:

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Bloomberg spoof alert! Google is not buying Twitter (today)

Watch out for the fake Bloomberg story titled “Twitter Attracts Suitors”.

Aside from the single byline of an unlikely reporter and slightly unBloombergese prose, the clue is in the web domain.

We haven’t linked to it because it also seemed keen to download some unusual plugins, but we’ll screengrab the replica homepage below, which links to stories on the real Bloomberg site.

Twitter was up 3.4 per cent at pixel, back to trading where it was before a brief spike and reversal. Read more

Is Bloomberg digitally drunk? (updated)

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A disturbance in the financial force

This is the one thing we didn’t want to happen…

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Ever wonder where your Bloomberg terminal $$$s are going?

Click and gawp.

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“Bloomberg Launches Its Flagship Digital Destination”

Click the image for the full outofthisBloomberg experience…

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Spritz meets Bloomberg? FAIL

Wouldn’t it be useful if you could consume information at double or triple speed? Imagine Reading Reimagined®! Got the SPRITZLET yet?

Maybe you shouldn’t bother. Read more

Goldman’s Symphony of Babble

… And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.

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Premature dissemination, Bloomberg style

Bloomberg News prides itself on market-moving scoops. Today its reporters excelled themselves, getting Citigroup’s Q3 earnings out a full 29 minutes before they were due.

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Goldman Gratuity Rankles Hoyt Scolding Newspersons: Compliance

Editors Seen Quaking After Ex-NYT Ombudsman Assail

Blankfein To Stiletto Hugging Headlines Client-Data Collateral Damage: Read more


Well worth a read on Wednesday — and you really can get it via RVWS <GO> on the terminal — Bloomberg has released the review of how its journalists interacted with terminal users’ data:

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Unconventional stimulus, the Bloomberg way

Bloomberg Businessweek cover

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Bove vs Bloomberg, redux

Dick Bove’s focus is on this?

The ex-Rochdale banking analyst, now at Rafferty, has found a hook in the Bloomberg terminal-snooping story for his latest note: Read more

All up in Bloomberg’s broker-dealer business

The world is becoming intimately acquainted with the technical ins-and-outs of the Bloomberg LP empire.

There is Bloomberg’s bread-and-butter business of selling sophisticated data terminals to thousands of banking, hedge fund and regulatory authorities around the world. There is also the well-respected news wire run by Matt Winkler. Read more

Oh, my lovely Bloomberg, will we ever be the same again?

Bloomberg withdrawal (BBG wɪðˈdrɔːəl) noun.


  1. Removal of all meaningful work space elements other than the desk, chair, phone, and headache tablets.
  2. Detachment from all those who matter in one’s work (and possibly also personal) life.
  3. Feeling of uncertainty that accompanies the suspicion that their terminal is somehow betraying them. Typically arises from reports in the media.

Unfortunately, an unusually high number of people may be suffering from the last one lately. Sorry about that.

In case you haven’t been following, there are two very separate threads to the Bloomberg kerfuffle. Read more

CEO GO – saying sorry the Bloomberg way

Message from the CEO of Bloomberg

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How to snoop on your customers, the Bloomberg way

Here’s a moderately informative activity for a Friday afternoon.

Log on to your Bloomberg terminal. Type UUID <GO> Read more

Markit, the Bloomberg slayer? No, not yet

That Lance Uggla, he’s such a tease. Witness the founder of the CDS price aggregator Markit Group in Tuesday’s FT:

“I would describe our vision as a financial iTunes of sorts,” he says, in reference to the store where Apple sells its own applications and those from independent developers. Mr Uggla predicts that an efficient one-stop shop for accessing equity prices, media content, ratings and research – from exchanges, news organisations, journals, credit rating agencies and analysts – would be welcomed “with open arms” by market participants.

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Forget about economics

It’s all political at this point.

The goal going forward is to bring Europe into a state of sustainability. Only politicians can do that. So writes Nomura analyst Jens Nordvig. Read more

Billionaire list inadequacy: no laughing matter

FT Alphaville has already written about Bloomberg’s billionaire list, which greatly impressed us by making the rival Forbes list seem classy by comparison.

But no longer. Read more

Exquisite corpse, Bloomberg edition

This game was first started by the Surrealists. Here’s the latest take courtesy of Bloomberg:

Japan’s Richest Man Remakes Uniqlo in Manhattan’s Image Read more

Price the rich, real time

We initially thought this was from The Onion, but it appears not

Carlos Slim, the telecommunications tycoon who controls Mexico’s America Movil SAB (AMXL), is the richest person on Earth, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, a daily ranking of the world’s 20 wealthiest individuals…

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Some finporn

Forgive our tired cynicism, but how or why is this a ranking of the world’s “richest” hedge funds? (Via Bloomberg MarketsRead more

Bloomberg vs Bernanke

How did it come to this?

1. Bloomberg News spent a couple of years trying to extract more information about the bank bail-out loans than the Fed wanted to share. Read more

Spain demands bond price switch

Spain has asked data providers to switch bonds used for pricing its benchmark debt, in an unexpected move that has pushed quoted yields sharply below last week’s euro-era highs, the FT reports. Just a day after borrowing costs soared in a lacklustre auction, the yield on 10-year Spanish debt, which moves inversely to prices, dropped by about 35 basis points on Friday, mystifying traders. However, it has emerged that Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg, the main providers of government bond price data, were asked by the Spanish Treasury to change the main quoted benchmark price, from the new 10-year bond launched on Thursday back to an older one. After the difficult sale of new debt, in which Spain paid the highest yield since 1997 in an issue of 10 year bonds, the Treasury sent a request marked “urgent” on Friday morning, asking the data providers to restore the older bond as the benchmark. This decision reversed a request made before the auction. The yield on the old bond was trading on average about 35 basis points lower. “The Spanish have clearly seen yields are higher on the new benchmark and decided to go back to the older one. It is a farce and shouldn’t be allowed,” said one trader.

Bove vs Bloomberg

Does Rochdale Research’s Richard X. Bove have a slight axe to grind against Bloomberg or something? We ask the question because his latest note has just landed in our inbox. (H/T Tracy Alloway)

It’s an extraordinary rant about this week’s Bloomberg BusinessWeek editorial: The Flaws in Basel; In Defense of Millionaires. But don’t worry readers, it’s not any the less entertaining for that. Read more

Bloomberg makes agreed $990m bid for BNA

Bloomberg is planning the largest deal in the private company’s 30-year history, with a $990m agreed bid for BNA, an employee-owned legal, tax and regulatory information company founded in 1929 as the Bureau of National Affairs, the FT reports. The financial data group is paying a steep three times BNA’s $331m revenue for 2010, after a sale process that drew interest from other potential bidders, including Thomson Reuters and Reed Elsevier. The acquisition would add significant heft to Bloomberg’s efforts to crack the legal and regulatory information markets with Bloomberg Law, where it needs more content to compete with Thomson Reuters’ Westlaw and Reed Elsevier’s Lexis Nexis. BNA, which has a seat in the White House press briefing room, would also boost Bloomberg Government, a data-heavy service for Washington lobbyists and lawmakers. The acquisition of the largest independent publisher in the industry depends on regulatory clearance from the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission.

Bloomberg sues ECB on Greek swaps

Bloomberg News has filed a lawsuit against the European Central Bank to try to force it to disclose documents showing how Greece used derivatives to hide its fiscal deficit and helped trigger the region’s sovereign debt crisis, the newsagency reports. The lawsuit asks the EU’s General Court to overturn the ECB’s decision not to disclose two internal documents drafted for the central bank’s six-member executive board in Frankfurt this year. The notes show how Greece used swaps to hide its borrowings, according to a March 3 cover page attached to the papers obtained by Bloomberg News. ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet withheld the documents after the EU and IMF led a €110bn bailout ($144bn) for Greece.

Compare and contrast – Petropavlovsk & Sons edition

Compare and contrast.

Bloomberg October 5, 2010: Read more

Hindenburg sighted… on Bloomberg

Oh, the humanity! Oh, the HIND <GO>! Which function gets you, err, this when you tap it into your nearest Bloomberg terminal, as of Thursday:

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