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The big question that Starbucks raises, ft. Mr Potato Head

International transfer pricing might not win any awards for sexy topic of the year, but it is what’s at the heart of the debate around low corporate tax payments by the likes of Starbucks, Google, and Amazon.

To explain why, consider Mr Potato Head… Read more

The marketing smackdown and that very odd voluntary tax ‘payment’

Protests come with such excellent branding these days. UK Uncut proffered this in a November 11th posting on its site that announced action on December 8th:

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Media said, Starbucks said

In our previous post, we outlined how Starbuck’s UK subsidiary would still have been loss-making last year if two of the three tax beneficial strategies mentioned in the press were reversed. This does not, however, get to one of the biggest sticking points of the story for a lot of people. Namely that the company has made statements that allude to its UK business actually being attractiveRead more

Losing for tax purposes, a diagram

There’s a problem with the Starbucks story, which first broke in mid-October when a Reuters report noted that the company hasn’t been paying corporation tax in the UK due to technically being loss-making.

It’s a real pain to visualise. So FT Alphaville threw this together… Read more

Losing in the court of public opinion

Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of Starbucks bashing? FT Alphaville has certainly engaged in a spot of “what’s that burnt coffee smell? Oh look, there’s a Starbucks!” on our way to our local caffeine supplier, but we don’t hold a candle to the lethal swarm of British politicians, campaigners and journalists that have surrounded the company of late. Read more