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Why the Brent oil market just got some slack

The number of cargoes that go towards determining the Dated Brent price is rising.

As Reuters reported on Thursday:

At least nine May cargoes have moved up the North Sea Forties crude programme after stronger-than-expected output from Britain’s Buzzard oilfield, the biggest contributor to the Forties stream.

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A little less Brent…

Ever wondered how much Brent there actually is in a barrel of Brent oil?

Answer: Not very much, and increasingly less. Read more

More on the widening WTI-Brent spread

Reuters is running an interesting story on Thursday that throws further light on the widening WTI-Brent spread, which when we last looked was at $6.42 a barrel.

The newswire claims oil trader Hetco has taken control of the first eight North Sea Forties crude oil cargoes loading in February and two Brent cargoes. Read more