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Ahhhh! No robots!

Says this guy here with our paraphrasing, naturally (click through for the full paper):

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On price stability during an ‘abundance shock’

Everybody loves price stability.

Everybody expects price stability. Read more

On abundance, post-scarcity and leisure

Robert and Edward Skidelsky, emeritus professor of political economy at the University of Warwick and lecturer on moral and political philosophy at the University of Exeter respectively, have penned what FT Alphaville feels is a must read essay on the impact of abundance and post-scarcity dynamics on price stability and the nature of labour, and work itself.

Entitled “In Praise of Leisure“, it picks up beautifully from where our own “Beyond Scarcity” series left off, echoing many of the same points. Read more

Shopping in the future

FT Alphaville loves futuristic research reports.

Here’s Espirito’ Santo’s Caroline Gulliver with a look at what we can expect from “shopping in the future”. Some of the points echo our own beyond scarcity and multiple currency/payment method thoughts very closely… such as the idea that quality will become ever more important to customers while pricing will increasingly become a function of who you are and your relationship with the retailer. One price will fit fewer and fewer people. While supply chains and inventory holdings will respond ever more dynamically to demand in order to stay competitive. Read more