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Put the beer down, this bud’s for you

Legal rather than technological disruption this time. Colorado is running an experiment where its voters have made possession and consumption of marijuana legal, while Federal prohibition remains in place.

Working out the social and legal niceties is taking time as weed moves from subculture to the mainstream. New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd paid a visit and fell into the classic trap of eating too much THC-laden chocolate too quickly.

Paranoia, however, may be justified for the brewers. Read more

You’re invited to…

Update: Neil Hume will be at the venue from 5pm for any early birds out there.

More venue information this way

All you ever wanted to know about the economics of the Oktoberfest…

… but were afraid to ask.

Unicredit have just published  useful report for anyone heading for Munich this weekend for Oktoberfest 2010Read more