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How ‘Too Big To Fail’ is impeding innovation

Speeches from Paul Tucker, former deputy governor of the Bank of England, rarely disappoint in terms of insight, clarity and the pinpointing of factors which others dare not identify.

His keynote address to a Finance Watch conference on June 1 was no exception.

The prepared remarks can be found here, and the video — arguably even clearer — can be found here.

The crux of the message is this.

Financial resolution policy and technological innovation are intimately connected because without a well structured resolution policy finance has a habit of morphing into a peculiar form of asymmetrically socialised capitalism. Read more

The perpetualisation of debt

FT Alphaville has just returned from the Danish Institute for International Studies’ conference on central banking in Copenhagen.

The theme was “central banks at a crossroads” — which we thought was particularly apt — and discussions ranged from collateral-backed finance and shadow banking to central bank independence. Indeed, many thanks to the DIIS for having us.

But one presentation, we would have to say, stood out more than most; that of Anat Admati, George G.C. Parker professor of finance and economics at Stanford Graduate School of Business, who’s out with a new book this month entitled “The Bankers’ New Clothes“. Read more