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Converging competitiveness and balance sheet recessions

Nomura’s Richard Koo is back to bang the balance-sheet-recession-drum and has taken a look at falling unit labour costs across the eurozone periphery and where they are likely to meet Germany’s as they creep upwards.

(This is the good type of convergence.) Read more

Richard Koo’s prescription for Greece (and Germany)

Nomura’s Richard Koo is kinda with Christine Lagarde when it comes to the Greek tax problem.

But eurozone bonds (aka eurobonds) are not the solution, he says. Firstly, Greece needs to address its mutual distrust problem with Germany, and persuade the Germans that it will get serious about this tax collection thing: Read more

The balance sheet recession, charted

Nomura’s Richard Koo has been banging on about the similarities between Japan’s balance sheet recession and the current financial malaise for a long while.

His main point has always been that the financial system won’t recover unless corporates and households complete their deleveraging journey. Read more

The EBA 9% rule and the Eurozone crisis

Back in October 2011, James Ferguson, banking analyst at Arbuthnot Securities, warned that the EBA’s tough new capital rules could be about to make the eurozone crisis a whole lot worse because the absence of fresh capital meant banks would have no other choice but to contract their assets.

Or as he wrote: Read more