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Dr Michael R Lynch’s website

Mike Lynch has put together a website as a contact point and to publish views from himself and other former Autonomy management.

There is not much on the site so far, and most of it will be boring to anyone who’s been following the story; eg Lynch’s open letter to HP directors (of November 27); a clip of his interview with Maria Bartiromo on November 20. Read more

Mike’s mad at Meg

With a h/t to All Things D, here’s Mike Lynch’s open letter to HP: Read more

Meg and the HP Lynchmob

The accused speaks.

 Read more

Inevitably, eventually, Autonomy

Paging Dr Mike Lynch. Your patient seems to be suffering some nasty post-op complications.

From Hewlett-Packard’s fourth-quarter results:

Fourth quarter and full year fiscal 2012 results include a non-cash goodwill and intangible asset impairment charge of $8.8 billion relating to the Autonomy business within the Software segment.

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Autonomy: a postscript

Here’s something odd.

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Mike Lynch and Oracle: Frank replies (updated)

In the words of Frank Quattrone, legendary deal-maker:

The slides Oracle posted publicly were sent by me to Mark Hurd in January, were prepared by Qatalyst and were for the purpose of our independently pitching Autonomy as an idea to Oracle. These slides were not used in our April meeting with Mark and Doug.

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“Another whopper” from Mike Lynch

This gets better.

Oracle has issued another press release and the PowerPoint slides. Read more

Mike Lynch has a “very poor memory”

No one messes with Oracle’s Larry Ellison.

Something Autonomy boss Mike Lynch has just found… the hard way. Read more

Closing the Autonomy deal

From Dealbook:

Hewlett-Packard has extended its offer for the Autonomy Corporation, as it attempts to win over shareholders. Read more

HP to buy Autonomy for £6.7bn

Autonomy, the UK’s largest software company, is being bought by Hewlett-Packard with an enterprise value of $11bn (£6.7bn) in the latest takeover of a FTSE 100 company by a foreign acquirer, reports the FT. In another big announcement, the FT notes that the double barrelled IT giant said it plans to exit its leading personal computer business, probably through a spin-off to shareholders, as it grapples with a deteriorating economic environment and the overhang from past acquisitions. The WSJ reminds us that we’re now in a “post-PC” world: Steve Jobs told the Apple June developer meeting that “We’re going to demote the PC and the Mac”. The Telegraph profiles the founder of Autonomy, Mike Lynch.

Diary management the Autonomy way [updated]

It’s a while since Autonomy, the famously acquisitive and sensitive FTSE 100 software company, came on to our radar screen.

But that’s just changed. Read more

Revisiting Autonomy’s Iron Mountain deal

Right, some much needed revisionism on Autonomy’s plan to acquire Iron Mountain’s digital archiving, eDiscovery and online back-up and recovery businesses for $380m.

This deal received a warm welcome in the City of London with Autonomy CEO Mike Lynch proclaiming it would make the UK software company the world’s biggest cloud platform with 25 petabytes of data. Read more

Autonomy decrypted

Autonomy has for the past several months been working on a specific acquisition. This work is ongoing. Recent developments within these talks have given rise to an additional opportunity that warrants further examination which could give rise to an acquisition process that exceeds our original planned time scale. The Company will not be commenting beyond this until appropriate to do so.

Now if you thought that statement (released late on Wednesday afternoon) meant the FTSE 100 software company was contemplating a bigger deal, think again. They aren’t. Read more

Deal or no deal?

So that would be no deal, Dr Lynch?

Press release issued by Autonomy late on Wednesday afternoon: Read more

Presenting the incredible shrinking share price

When will Autonomy rally? And what will be the trigger? A massive acquisiton perhaps? Spurs winning the Premier League?

Spurs 1 – Autonomy 0

Just weeks after signing a deal to have its name emblazoned on the shirts of Tottenham Hotspur, shares in FTSE 100 software company Autonomy have dropped following the publication of half year results, reports FT Alphaville. And there’s plenty for the bears to chew over: earnings are lower than expected in spite of a lower tax rate, costs are rising, cash conversion was just OK, and that’s before R&D capitalisation is considered. Read more

Autonomy hits the acquisition trail (again)

Right up there on the list of things the City did not want Autonomy to do was make another acquisition. But that, it seems, is exactly what the FTSE 100 software company, which divides opinion in the Square Mile like few others, is planning.

From the RNS on Wednesday morning: Read more

Memo to Mike Lynch

Please stop clogging up the Regulatory News Service with puffery like this:

Exhibit A

Cambridge, UK and San Francisco, Calif. – Nov. 24, 2009 – Autonomy Corporation plc (LSE: AU. or AU.L), a global leader in infrastructure software for the enterprise, today announced that it was named one of the top 100 companies in the digital content industry by EContent Magazine. This marks the seventh consecutive year that the company has been recognized by the publication. EContent is a monthly leading IT business publication that focuses on the development and implementation of digital content strategies and resources.

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Lynch mobbed

Now here’s something to send the blood pressure of Autonomy’s Mike Lynch soaring.

It’s a clinical – and very critical – analysis of Tuesday’s third quarter results from Canaccord Adams analysts Bob Liao and Kevin Ashton. Read more

Autonomy and the City

When it comes to City analysts, Dr Mike Lynch, the founder and chief executive of Autonomy, has previous.

Over the years, the Bayesian probability expert has had numerous run-ins with the scribblers who follow his software company. Read more