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Down, down, deeper and down

We are, of course, talking about the Australian dollar — now going head to head with the Syrian pound for the title of the world’s worst performing currency.

The latest drop follows a call from Pimco of even lower interest rates. Read more

Lessons in monetary policy – Use it or Lose it


Economists mostly failed to predict that the Reserve Bank of Australia would cut rates to a record low of 2.75 per cent at its monthly meeting today. Yep, lower than during the height of the financial crisis — another sign that we’re living in different times now. Read more

A weakness in the unstoppable AUD?

Australia’s currency has become a different kind of creature in the past few years, moving from being mostly a commodity play to more of a safe haven. This has been something of a double-edged sword for the country’s monetary policymakers: it helped avoid a big inflationary spike as the mining investment boom was booming; but now that wave is close to peaking, the burdens of having a premium currency are becoming harder to bear. Read more