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Silly space season

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. This post is offering an idiot or two the publicity they were hankering after.

But there’s something strangely post-modern about this “news.” It’s like the financial crisis never hit. And it may be that none of us can actually move post-crisis until the individuals concerned depart this planet. In a corporal sense. Read more

Licence to Kreil

Investing is difficult. Fortunately, there are wise heads willing to share all of their wisdom and experience in exchange for a modest fee.

Anton Kreil, the portfolio manager in the BBC programme that let eight members of the public trade $1m (£620,000) and run their own hedge fund, is now publishing his trading positions in his ‘Global Monthly Report’. Until now Mr Kreil’s report has only been available to friends and high net worth individuals.

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Anton Kreil: The biography

Anton Kreil is making the most of his Million Dollar Traders publicity, launching his own website yesterday.

Of particular interest is the former Goldman Sachs trader’s 1,700-word biography, reprinted below. Read more