Alphachat podcast: Joe Stiglitz on minimum wage, monetary policy, TPP and more

We recorded this podcast on Tuesday, August 18th. Alphachat is on iTunes and Stitcher, and to give us feedback you can email us at or call us at 917-551-5012. Read more

Alphachat: the Chinese economy, and the dodgy Flibanserin (fine, the “female Viagra”)

We recorded this podcast on Thursday, August 20th. Alphachat is on iTunes and Stitcher, and to give us feedback you can email us at or call us at 917-551-5012. And here are today’s two topics: Read more

Alphachat: the problems of indexed investing, “People’s QE”, and old media invests in new

Topic 1: John Authers on index providers
[01:18 - 21:16] Read more

Alphachat: reader Q&A, bank analyst destiny, Puerto Rican default and the Canadian elections

We recorded this podcast on Thursday, August 6th. Alphachat is on iTunes and Stitcher, and to give us feedback you can email us at or call us at 917-551-5012. And here are today’s topics: Read more

Alphachat: Nikkei buys the FT, Gillian Tett’s forthcoming new book, and an Alphavillain returns from Greece

This episode was recorded on Wednesday, 29 July. You can find Alphachat on iTunes and Stitcher. Thanks for listening! Read more

Alphachat: The Fifa scandal, a big week for tech, and Gawker

This podcast was taped on Wednesday, 22 July. We plan to continue tinkering with Alphachat’s format, content and length of time for the rest of the summer. If you have feedback, good or bad, you can leave a comment below, email us at, call us at 917-551-5012, or just tweet me at @cardiffgarcia. You can find Alphachat on iTunes and Stitcher. Thanks for listening! Read more

Alphachat: the artisanal economy, Treasury flash crash (still not) explained, campaign Twitter spats

Some quick news first. The honchos who run this joint have given us the resources to produce Alphachats more frequently and regularly, and we plan to spend the rest of the summer tinkering with different ideas for content and length. But we’d also really like to know what you want to hear.

You have a few options: leave ideas in the comments section below, email us at alphachat [at] ft [dot] com, call us at 917-551-5012 (a US phone number), or tweet at me directly at @cardiffgarcia. You can find Alphachat on iTunes and StitcherRead more

Alphachat: the podcast moment, and some recommendations

(Here’s the ubiquitous emergency link in case anyone suffers from tech bork, and the embedded podcast doesn’t appear.)

The latest Alphachat is a discussion about the business of podcasting with FT media correspondent Shannon Bond and Buzzfeed’s Nick Quah, both of whom also offer a few recommendations for FT readers at the end of conversation. Nick writes Hot Pod, an excellent weekly newsletter that chronicles ongoing events in the podcasting world, aggregating the big stories of the week and adding his own reporting and critical commentary.

A time guide below, and a few additional notes after: Read more

Alphachat podcast: Diane Coyle, Tyler Cowen, and the econ books of the year

The new Alphachat, featuring Diane Coyle and Tyler Cowen on the economics books of the year, is long on diversity of ideas and vigorous conversation, short on thematic coherence.

Longtime readers will know that FT Alphaville loves this combination. Read more

Alphachat: When bank capital sleeps with the fishes

This time, we chat with Anat Admati, Professor of Finance and Economics at Stanford Graduate School of Business and coauthor of “Bankers’ New Clothes: What’s Wrong with Banking and What to Do about it”, and Frances Coppola, independent blogger and banking commentator over at Coppola Comment. The theme for the chat, recorded on July 26, is bank capital and building a better banking system.

 Read more

Alphachat: MF Global nostalgia edition

This time, Izzy and David chat with repo specialist Scott Skyrm about the fall of MF Global, those slippy seg funds and Jon Corzine’s attempt to build a mini-Goldman. Read more

Alphachat: those fracking robots edition

It’s another Alphachat. How predictable.

This time Cardiff and Izzy talked robots with Illah Nourbakhsh, Professor of Robotics at The Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University, about why it’s the next decade of robotics, rather than improbable and distant dystopian/ utopian futures, that we need to worry about. Read more

Alphachat: Michael Pettis edition (well, the second one)

In this edition of Alphachat, Michael Pettis, Professor of Finance at Peking University and the original Alphachat guest, joined Cardiff, Kate and David to discuss China and its apparent drive to reorient the economy.

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Alphachat podcast: Manmohan Singh on collateral chains

The latest Alphachat features IMF economist Manmohan Singh, who discussed his work in recent years on the importance of pledged collateral and its reuse in financial markets.

It was a wide-ranging interview that included long stretches of wonky analysis, so we’ve provided a time guide below if you want to jump around and included some relevant links if you want to explore some of these topics further. Read more

Alphachat podcast: Noah Smith on the Japanese economy

We were joined on this podcast by Noah Smith, who writes at Noahpinion and teaches finance at Stony Brook University.

Noah lived in Japan for three years studying economics and still returns often to conduct research. He is very skilled at explaining multilayered subject matter in clear terms, and the discussion ranged across a variety of topics relevant to the Japanese economy, from the potential costs of structural reform to demographics to the surprising commitment by the BOJ.

Thanks again to Noah for his time: Read more

Abenomics gets the Alphachat podcast treatment

David Keohane and Kate “Frenzy” Mackenzie* are joined by Citi FX strategist Steven Englander to discuss all things Abenomics — the risks and the possible rewards, why Steven is bearish, and what Kate’s baby daughter thinks of it.

 Read more

Alphachat: Lee Buchheit edition, featuring Lee Buchheit

In this installment of Alphaville’s traditionally, if not actually, infrequent podcast Robin, Joseph and Cleary Gottlieb lawyer and sovereign debt maven Lee Buchheit discuss Cyprus, capital controls, a new sovereign debt restructuring mechanism and the best place to hang out if you are a restructuring lawyer. Read more

Alphachat: that dang negativity edition

In this installment of Alphaville’s increasingly frequent podcast, Izzy, Simon and David chat about negative rates and whether they are a sensible policy option or a one way ticket down the rabbit hole.

 Read more

Alphachat: Dragons of Ljubljana edition

In which dragons war with bitcoins for your attention…

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Alphachat: the cunning plan edition

Regular posting will resume on Tuesday. In this Easter edition of Alphachat, Joseph, Cardiff and David do their best to compare Jeroen Dijsselbloem to Baldrick before moving on to slightly weightier stuff. Read more

Snap Alphachat: Cyprus edition

This is an Alphaville experiment. Joseph and David had a quick chat about Cyprus, its bailout and the depositors being bailed in, the Russian connection and whether there is really a risk of contagion.

(As this is experimental here’s a link to the podcast if the embed isn’t working) Read more

Alphachat returns

Downloadable for your commute, we had a chat about a few topics we’ve been covering lately and even answered some of the questions you, the readers, submitted last week. If you want to jump directly to a topic, below is a time guide and some links we refer to in the podcast: Read more

Alphachat: Sal Arnuk on high frequency trading

It’s taken a while but our second podcast, a discussion with Sal Arnuk about high frequency trading, is now live.

(You can find our first podcast with Michael Pettis, on the Chinese economic model, here.) Read more

Introducing Alphachat, the FT Alphaville podcast

We’re trying something new here at FT Alphaville, and like all our experiments we have no idea how this one will turn out.

We’ve started a podcast, which you’ll find below alongside a bio of our guest, a guide to the themes we explored, and links to which we refer. There’s also another audio file of outtakes with questions and answers that we couldn’t include in the podcast itself because of time constraints. Read more