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Caption contest! When Tsipras met Asmussen edition

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Tsipras in the pink pages

And the Syriza leader is talking tax, ahead of Greece’s weekend election.

The people of Greece want to replace the failed old memorandum of understanding (as signed in March with the EU and International Monetary Fund) with a “national plan for reconstruction and growth”… Read more

Greece STILL can’t decide how to vote

Alexis Tsipras, the leader of far left Syriza, took to the airways on Friday morning to declare he will essentially cancel austerity in Greece should his party come first in the upcoming elections. He wants the vote to be a sort of referendum on terminating the bailout agreement. And, unsurprisingly, his message has been going down well with the voters. The latest poll gives his party a six point lead. But results of the second round of voting are as difficult to predict as the first.

We wanted to take a closer look at the figures as they are the last set we’re going to get. Friday is the last day poll are allowed to be published ahead of the June 17 elections. Read more