Mini game by True Office and Thomson Reuters Accelus

UPDATE on October 7th, 10:30am London time: The game has now been removed. It was live on Alphaville from September 27th until the time of this update. We hope you had a chance to play it! The original text that we posted with the game is below.


This game is brought to you by True Office, and was developed in partnership with with Thomson Reuters Accelus. Their real insider trading game is longer, and they’ve kindly given us this mini-version for a limited period.

FT Alphaville came across True Office at FinovateEurope, an event that showcases the latest in fintech. Among the sea of companies with new payment system technologies, they caught Alphaville’s eye with a shiny iPad that had a money-laundering game on it.

True Office has taken those incredibly boring snoring compliance tests that loads of people have to do every year and made them fun. Actually fun. It’s pretty cool… and/or our memory of taking the dry version of these tests is pretty darn awful.

It only took half a year or so of us stalking True Office to get this mini game [puppy dog eyes go here].

We hope you enjoy it.

– The team at FT Alphaville 🙂