JPMorgan throws itself between survey and clients

Forex bods at investment banks are ready; forex investors have braced themselves. It’s that time of year when sales people ring up their clients to ask them to vote in the Euromoney FX poll — the only industry standard for measuring how much forex volume the banks do and who comes out on top. Everyone who’s anyone is taking part.

Well, until now. JPMorgan has decided that it is no longer playing ball, because its clients are fed up with being asked to vote, the bank says. Here is the letter the bank just sent out today to all its clients, explaining its terrible sacrifice… Read more

Another day, another SNB rumour

Swiss franc traders have been pretty bored of late, with the euro/Swiss franc flatlining for months. But it seems they’ve had some rare excitement this week: someone out there is buying as many euros against the franc as traders care to offload.

Naturally, everyone is assuming this buyer is the SNB — in disguise. Read more

Grexit and the euro: an exercise in guesswork

Everyone who’s anyone (and some other people too) has a view on what will happen to the value of the euro if Greece makes an exit. Probably of dubious predictive use, but here is a selection for your interest (with our emphasis):

Soc Gen’s Kit Juckes: Read more