About FT Alphaville

FT Alphaville is a free daily news and commentary service giving financial market professionals the information they need, when they need it. In a world where market professionals are inundated with information there is a pressing need to edit and filter, and hopefully sow a few ideas along the way. That’s where the FT Alphaville team comes in.

FT Alphaville has four core components:

* Rolling news and commentary through the UK, European and US trading day posted at www.ftalphaville.com. Readers get quick alerts on important breaking news, guidance on where to go for quality comment and analysis, and timely notification of crucial FT.com content.

* Three morning briefing notes published right at the beginning of the working day in Europe (6am London time), the US (6am New York time) and Asia (6am Hong Kong time). Designed primarily for our readers on the move, this email service provides a quick and accessible digest of key financial news and analysis from FT Alphaville itself, as well as the FT and other publications.

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* Markets Live, a real-time markets commentary service co-hosted by FT Alphaville Editor Paul Murphy and FT Market Reporter, Bryce Elder. Markets Live offers near-instant views on which assets are moving, and why. This service begins daily at 11am, London time. Cardiff Garcia, FT Alphaville’s New York correspondent, also runs a weekly US Markets Live every Wednesday at 10am New York time / 3pm London time. At about a minute’s notice, Cardiff begs asks colleagues in London to join him. And while Europe is at the epicentre of it all so this makes sense anyway, we’re also working on getting him some proper company… (we hear he’s resorted to talking to plants… and Canadians).

* The Long Room – Launched in November 2008, the Long Room is an exclusive comment and analysis arena, where finance professionals are invited to share their research and offer thoughts on the work of others.

To receive any of the Cuts, which are delivered each morning by email, readers are asked to complete our short registration process and pay a small fee. The service is free for FT.com subscribers.

Readers who wish to post comments, either alongside blog posts or as part of the Markets Live discussion, must also be registered. Access to the Long Room is by application only.

The FT Alphaville editorial team is headed by Paul Murphy, a financial journalist who has spent more than a decade commenting on financial sector developments and breaking large takeover news.

Other features of FT Alphaville include:

* RSS service, compatible with all major RSS readers.

* Dedicated search function for Alphaville, along with the full FT.com search and quotes service.

* Twitter streams – the FT Alphaville team’s daily musings are available at @ftalpha. Post headlines and links are at @FTAlphaville.

We are constantly working to upgrade the functionality of Alphaville. If you have suggestions on how we might improve the service please share them with us at alphaville@ft.com.

We welcome feedback, and positively encourage news tips and story ideas. Email the editorial team or telephone +44 (0)20 7775 6993.