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Further reading

Elsewhere on Friday,

Davies: What caused the equity crash?

– Strangers in strange lands.

– New investigation exposes glam life of Vladimir Putin’s bling ring.

– Sue your bank, keep your home, repeat.

On spillovers and the case against giving in to trilemmas.

– How the world’s biggest stock hedge fund stayed a secret.

– Judging (harshly) Fiorina’s time at HP.

– No Virginia, there is no Uber monopoly. Also, that network effects canard raises its head again.

Of banks’ internal capital models and deposit rates.

– More on Jeb Bush and the return of voodoo economics.

– Herbalife doesn’t think that it’s exaggerating at all when it says Bill Ackman is the antichrist.

Edifying spectacle du jour: Gawker vs the Daily Mail.

“Dubbed “programming cheerleaders,” these young women serve to chit-chat and play Ping-Pong with employees as part of their role.”

– “Once a stranger knows how intense my interest in them is, they won’t be able to resist.” And other endorsements of Tinder’s new “Super Like”.

– Further, further reading.