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Further reading

Elsewhere on Friday,

– “To Merkel”, defined.

– “The people who knew the most about the company, because they were running it, told themselves one story about Dole’s future, and told the special committee another story.”

Now the BoE is worried about bond market liquidity.

– “So is this the hour of China’s crisis? Highly unlikely.”

Some of the people, some of the time.

– China is teaching 6-year-olds about the stock market…

– The superpower of Mr Xi.

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Shiller: Rising anxiety that stocks are overpriced. And a third scenario for stock markets.

A computer glitch is making mutual funds have a bad time.

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– The world’s greatest jeweller.

– An honest guide to the SF start-up life.

“This is Uber, but with goats…” Of course it is.

– Quantum political scientists hypothesize country headed in both right and wrong directions simultaneously.

– Further, further reading.