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Further reading

Elsewhere on Thursday,

– A reminder that the Fed does not control the money supply.

– Create your very own stock market narrative.

– A late illustrated guide to the British election.

Related: “If you no vote Tory, tiny Scottish people raid your fridge and eat your cheesy things.”

– The path to freedom is paved with Hayek coin.

– Department of Public Works employee gives Jeff Gundlach a run for his money (at watching porn in the office).

– Em, why not just give the homeless, you know, homes?

The democratisation of space, continued.

– The Snoop Dogg/ Bieber/ Bono indicator?

– Huh, there goes the theory of natural selection.

Japanese crying rooms… including “a recommended collection of tear-inducing manga comic books from the Japanese publisher Maruzen.”

– The end of canine privacy.

– Of flying pigs in China: “Proponents say that diving pigs are healthier, leaner and tastier, and so sell for better prices.”

– Further, further reading.