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Camp on camera – I

Here’s a two-part round up of the videos produced at last week’s Camp Alphaville festival in London. We hope it was fun and informative for those attending. Next year we’ll fix the audio, have wifi that works and we might even introduce an evening dinner…


An introduction from Cardiff…

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Camp on camera – II

Izy talks cryptocurrencies and a future cashless society…

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Deaf ears at Quindell

There is a bull case for Quindell, the country club which founder Rob Terry has turned into a full service legal and technological insurance conglomerate: the deaf.

Claims for industrial deafness, it was explained at a recent investor teach-in, are the next big growth area for legal services. Perhaps it is, although some might be surprised to discover that a company billed as “a provider of sector leading expertise in Software, Consulting and Technology Enabled Outsourcing” expects to make big profits from personal injury suits. Read more

Markets Live: Friday, 11th July, 2014

Live markets commentary from 

The (early) Lunch Wrap

Banco Espirito Santo says solvency not at risk || Reynolds and Lorillard close to merger || UK Construction dips || Total warns of gas shortages || Friends life sells wealth unit to Blackstone || Markets rebound Read more

Temper tantrum, tempest, or teapot?

Banco Espirito Santo, the Portugese lender which had a few problems earlier this week to do with its complicated corporate structure and then saw its shares temporarily suspended on Thursday, has become this week’s goat on which all scapes may be laid.

Perhaps it is the summer quiet, but a sample of our inbox detects some caprine hitching. Read more

Further reading

Elsewhere on Friday,

– Understanding the Caliphate.

– Nonsense on toast might actually happen.

75bn downloads and counting. Read more

The 6am London Cut

Markets: The meteoric rise of Cynk Technology, a former penny stock which appears to boast one employee and no reported revenues, stalled abruptly on Thursday when shares of the would-be social media company tumbled by as much as a third. Cynk listed for 5 cents a share in May and then saw its shares multiply by 36,000 per cent to give the practically unknown company a market value of $6bn – more than Sina, the Chinese operator of Weibo, a microblog with more than 100m active users. (Financial Times)

Banking: Barclays is ditching the role of the traditional bank cashier as part of its efforts to overhaul high-street banking as customers increasingly use digital services. The bank said its 6,500 cashiers would take on new positions focused on giving customers advice on managing their finances rather than processing simple transactions. (Financial TimesRead more