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The Closer


- Binyamin Appelbaum interviews both an advocate and an opponent of tighter monetary policy.

- Bob Sherwin on women and leadership.

- “The Equality of Opportunity Project”, a new site from Raj Chetty and co.

- Branko Milanovic inequality in China and the United States.

- Tom Braithwaite on why bankers should follow the example of El-Erian, and quit.

- Adam Ozimek on deregulation and poverty.


Emerging market jitters rattle investors: “Emerging markets remained volatile on Monday with stocks heading for their worst day in almost six months and currencies weakening further until the Turkish central bank said it would hold an emergency meeting to address the lira’s slide. The uncertainty spread to Greece, with its bond yields rising sharply and the Athens stock market falling to its lowest level this year.” (Financial Times)

Apple bruised as iPhone sales disappoint: “Disappointing iPhone sales triggered a sell-off in Apple stock in after-hours trading, despite the company beating earnings and revenue estimates in its December quarter. Its miss on iPhone sales will cast a long shadow over the smartphone market, after Samsung warned of weak earnings momentum last week. Despite setting a new record for the company, Apple’s 51m iPhone sales compared with consensus forecasts of between 55m and as high as 60m, sending its shares down 8 per cent after publication on Monday.” (Financial Times)