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Xmas arrives earlier at Exane (updated)

Brace yourself.

We’re lead to believe this is more than an exercise in festive charidee from the research team at French broker Exane BNP Paribas: they’ve actually launched a real-life, operational Christmas Jumpers business.

Apparently, the firm’s retail analyst Ben Spruntulis arranged the project so as to get some first hand experience of retailing — things like sourcing products, negotiating with suppliers, assessing future demand and the like. He turned to Scott Fyfe of M&S menswear for help, along with Nick Beighton and Andy Berks of ultra-rated ASOS.

Or so we are told.

This seems to be one of a series of projects launched by something called “Exane Labs,” upon which all we have at the moment is a blurb:

This project is part of ‘Exane Lab’ a new concept taking conventional analysis a step-further by providing Exane BNP Paribas analysts with the tools and resources to become operators, enabling both analysts and our clients to better understand the challenges and opportunities impacting our industries.

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It seems there’s more to this Exane Labs experiment than we first realised. A number of projects are underway at the French broker, including one that involves the manufacture of E-cigarettes – an exercise in assessing how easy it is for new entrants to enter what is still evidently a nascent field.

Maybe there’s something in this: doing practical research into companies and sectors, rather than just trying to read facial ticks on the finance director’s face and/or testing guesstimates on the investor relations guy.

Pricing on the jumpers as soon as we have it.