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Friends…don’t let friends leave the Republic of Argentina to litigate the sovereign debt trial of the century

Argentina files its latest brief against paying holdouts alongside its restructured debt today (Friday). That’s following this contretemps with Judge Griesa, and another difficult week for Argentine credit.

Whatever it says, you can be pretty sure it’ll have sharp words for Elliott Associates and the holdouts.

We’ll post when we get it. But first, why this – and other briefs that should be coming – matter so much… Read more

A Ruckus ruckus

The US initial public offering of a little wireless kit maker on Friday confirmed what everyone already knew: the IPO market is dead – or at least deadly dangerous.

Everyone knew this, except the lead underwriters of Ruckus Wireless — Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Deutsche bank. Read more

FT Alphaville on Monday morning…

As you may have already heard, FT Alphaville is introducing a system of signing in to read our posts. It goes live this Monday, November 19.

Here’s a sneak peak of what it’ll roughly look like when you want to read an Alphaville post in its entirety:

 Read more

Play the global financial crisis card game!

The “52 Shades of Greed” card deck constructed and released by Occupy Wall Street’s Alternative Banking team came out a couple of months ago to mark the anniversary of the movement, but Alphaville only just got its own deck in the post (thank you, Santa!).

Below are our favourites with some strategic blackouts. Can you guess who or what is on each of the cards? We’ll put the answers up elsewhere. For the brave among you, write down your guesses in the comments before checking the answers. Read more

Markets Live: Friday, 16th November, 2012

Live markets commentary from 

The (early) Lunch Wrap

Japanese PM dissolves parliament || France ‘not sick man of Europe’, insists Paris || No RBS or Lloyds sale until 2014 || Walmart extends corruption probe || Dell’s declining laptop share || Israel and Hamas intensify bombardment || Markets update || Uncertain political times for risk assets || Draghi’s birds || Treating bonos as Treasuries, with MF Global || A bad day for the SFO Read more

The good (political) times are over for risk assets

Risk assets have had a good run from western policymakers for several decades, says Morgan Stanley’s Gerard Minack. But that time is probably over. Read more

Draghi, one for the birds

On Thursday, ECB president Mario Draghi was in Milan to give a speech at Università Bocconi. It’s a charming read, as the policymaker reviews the eurozone crisis in pleasantly digestible terms even by Friday morning standards.

Once the crisis was underway, and sovereign spreads had widened out, a debate started: Read more

Further reading

Elsewhere on Friday,

– Questions for left-libertarians.

– Dudley on solving the too big to fail problem.

– Bernanke suggests mortgage lending standards are ‘overly tight’Read more

The 6am Cut London

Japan shares higher on election hopes, weaker yen || Warning on £66bn in public bank stakes || BP’s record US fine over Gulf || LME to change warehousing rules || FT supports Tucker for BoE Read more