Posts from Sunday Jul 1 2012

Linde gets oxygenic with Lincare

Section 15 of Germany’s Securities Trading Act, as divined by the Federal Ministry of Justince, requires publicly listed companies in Germany to release any price sensitive announcement “without delay.”

i.e. In the case of chemicals and gases specialist Linde, that means ‘after five days’ Read more

FTfm on AV

Some highlights from Monday’s FTfm.

Europe to reject IFA commission ban
EU politicians apparently think a UK-style rule on advisers’ commission goes too far and think it would limit choices for ordinary investors. They also fear that those most in need of advice would not be able to afford it. Instead they are thought likely to press for greater disclosure, even though at least on pressure group points out that no one reads so-called ‘boilerplate’ disclosures. Read more