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Presenting…. the totally exciting Euromoney FX survey 2012

So here they are! The results of 2012′s Euromoney survey — based on non-gamed voting by, er, clients!

And… drum roll please… it’s… Deutsche at the global top!

That will be its eighth year at number one. And what an achievement for the German bank that likes to say “wir sind der Marktführer Euromoney“:

And another surprise, it’s Deutsche topping the UK polls too! *faints with shock*

But, in somewhat of an upturn… HSBC has stolen a march in the UK corporate bracket, fending off last year’s winner RBS. It’s like the time Shakespeare in Love beat Saving Private Ryan to the best pic Oscar in 1998… nobody saw this coming:

Don’t worry though, it’s Deutsche again in the hedge funds category etc…. (we are struggling to maintain our excitement):

But this is a little shocking again! Citi has rocketed up the UK real money chart; 7th last year, 1st in 2012:

Of course, what the data doesn’t show is which bank bought the most iPods, put on the most skiiing trips or hired the most people whose sole job it is to drum up support from clients.

We think that would be a MUCH more informative table.

By David Keohane and Alice Ross

Update on the quantitative methodology, for those interested, and it is based on clients’ responses. From Euromoney’s methodology:

PART 1 – Quantitative

This section is concerned with quantitative measures of overall market activity and banks’ relative markets shares. The key rankings are: Overall ranking by market share: Respondents (users of FX services) are asked to give us the volumes transacted with their providers of FX services (in practice this will mean their total FX volume for the year for up to 20 counterparties).

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