Posts from Friday Apr 6 2012

Hedge funds and the Whale, credit index edition

What is this a story of? Bloomberg’s headline:

JPMorgan Trader’s Positions Said to Distort Credit Indexes

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The (Long) Weekender

Easter service announcement… FT Alphaville’s open during New York hours on Monday, though posting will be light to non-existent in Europe time. Because you’re all on holiday over there!

To tide you over until then, here are some posts of ours that you might have missed this week, plus an extended edition of Further Reading… Read more

Non-farm payrolls 120,000, unemployment drops to 8.2 per cent

Just one month, lots of statistical noise in this series, will be revised later, etc…

Caveats aside, the headline payroll number of 120,000 jobs in March is obviously a disappointment. The unemployment rate dropped a tenth of a percentage point to 8.2 per cent. Read more