Posts from Sunday Feb 19 2012

Weekend news catch-up

Weekend headlines from the FT and other UK media:*

From The FT,
–       Greece’s cabinet has agreed to launch a debt swap for private creditors on 8 March with the aim of completing it by 11 March,
–       BofA’s Moynihan to receive stock instead of cash bonus
–       Three senior investment bankers are among 16 City workers arrested by tax authorities investigating allegations of fraud involving film financing schemes
–       US parcel-delivery giant UPS is locked in talks to buy European rival TNT Express after its first €4.9bn offer was knocked back
–       Mitsui Offshore Exploration of Japan has become the first company involved in the Gulf oil spill to agree a settlement with the US
–       Glasgow biofuels scientist unfurls ‘electric leaf’: Scottish scientists have found a more efficient way to make biofuels
–       Cynthia Carroll, the Chief Executive of Anglo American, used robust annual operating results to defend the miner’s independence
–       Minmetals wins Anvil Mining for C$1.3bn
–       Dragon Oil weighs up bid for Bowleven Read more

FTfm on AV

Some highlights from Monday’s FTfm.

Managers ‘slipping on home turf’
Research finds fund managers are no better at making money in their own sectors than they are in unrelated ones, and perhaps slightly worse Read more