BA chief lets fly at security checks | FT Alphaville

BA chief lets fly at security checks

An airline pilot and a Yemeni student should not be subject to the same airport security checks, the chairman of British Airways has said, calling for “security light” lanes for trusted frequent flyers, reports the FT. Sir Martin Broughton was also scathing about checks the US requires for passengers flying from the UK to the US, which he said had seen a BA board member selected for “additional screening”. The director was in good company. “Well-known celebrities such as Henry Kissinger also get picked out, as do a number of infants,” he said. Calling for “a risk-based approach to security rather than a one-size-fits-all based approach”, in a speech to the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in London, Sir Martin asked: “Is it sensible to run exactly the same security checks on pilots – each and every time they fly – as, for example, a Yemeni student?”