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David Viniar retiring as Goldman CFO

From the bank on Tuesday

NEW YORK, September 18, 2012 — The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (NYSE: GS) today announced that Harvey M. Schwartz, the global co-head of the Securities Division, will become Chief Financial Officer at the end of January 2013. After a distinguished 32 year career at the firm, including 12 years as the Chief Financial Officer, David Viniar has decided to retire and will join the Board of Directors as a non-independent director at that time. The firm expects to appoint additional independent directors to its board in the near term.

It’s almost impossible to imagine Goldman without Viniar. He will “retire… and join” a board of directors that’s already fairly heavy with current and former Goldman execs (Blankfein, Cohn, and Friedman). So watch those promised additional independent directors…

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