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Further reading

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Spain’s bailout is more garden variety than you think.

– Guys, why did you think that increased borrowing was a ‘good’ sign?

Policy suggestions from The Ivory Tower (that would make a politician faint).

– American Money Market Funds and French banks have fallen out, big time.

– Libor: carry on, there’s nothing empirically noticeable here. (Barclays quant paper from 2008)

– But Tim Geithner was serious about Libor manipulation. He fetched the comfy chair and everything.

– Anyone for a game of Twister on this debt mutualisation matrix?

– Ancient over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders discovered in Austria.

– Leaping frogs: mobile overtakes desktop in China.

– Reinforcing ethics among bankers.

– However, in the event that you are accused of witchcraft

This machine is, of course, Made in Japan.

– Further, further reading.