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German slackers vs toiling Greeks…

In the (relative) absence of news, we should share this tweet from @presseurop

Unsurprisingly, those stats were being pinged around with glee at pixel time, but the numbers — from the OECD — are actually a little stale. Whoever handles the PressEurop Twitter feed looks to have picked up the 2009 column from this table, where the 2010 figures are the most recent available:

Netherlands   — 1377
Germany  —  1419
Ireland   —  1664
France   — (data missing for some reason)
UK   —  1647
Portugal    — 1714
Italy   —  1778
Poland   —  1939
Greece   —  2109

The graft gap between Greece and Germany has narrowed, but not by much — 690 hours!

Click the table below for full details.  Note the hard work going on in Korea…