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Eurovision fans, please do not vote for us!

Just the sort of news to make Terry Wogan chortle (via BBC):

Unluckily for Pastora Soler, as Mr Wogan has so beautifully observed over the years, singing talent or musical appreciation has little to do with European voting habits. The Cypriots vote for the Greeks, the Greeks vote for the Cypriots, all the Eastern European members vote for each other, nobody votes for the UK, and everyone always gives a discretionary vote to Ireland.

So who knows what will happen this year?

Will we see a united show of angst against Germany via a gigantic NUL point. Or will Spain, Italy, Greece, or Ireland be lumbered with the financial burden of holding next year’s concert because of a Core-European vindictive streak? (Or possibly because everyone knows Germany will pay anyway.)

Perhaps Spain should have taken a lesson from Poland, which isn’t even running this year because holding the European championships is apparently headache enough.

All things considered, Azerbaijan — with all its oil wealth — seems the fittest candidate to win (again). Though, if we’re going to stick with meritocracy, we reckon little Montenegro might be at greater risk than Spain.  Check out the inspired Euro Neuro for genuine and surreal Eurozone angst.

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